"Teach transition soccer with
dynamic, fun soccer

My team passes the soccer ball well...

What is next?

Transition soccer is the next step if you have a team that is possessing the ball very well and moving up and down the field with some ease. The kids love the fast paced, fun soccer games.

I believe transition can be used in conjunction with possession games and helping players get into their soccer shape faster.

I love coaching and getting my kids playing transition games because they love the pace and have a blast with the games.

What is transition soccer?

Transition is going from attack to defense and defense to attack quicker than your opponent does. If you have two teams that are both skilled and pass the ball well the team that transitions quickly will dominate the game.

Coach transition

I love to teach transition games that create 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 and 3v2 situations. The players are constantly put into positions where they have to think and make decisions on whether to dribble or pass.

Warm up with reaction exercises...

  • The coach has the players get into pairs for these exercises.
  • Player "A" stands behind player "B" - who has feet apart.
  • Player "A" plays a pass through the legs of player "B" and as soon as player "B" sees the ball he or she chases the ball down as quickly as possible.
  • Player "A" lies down on stomach and player "B" stands behind player "A" and throws the ball over player "A"...as soon as player "A" sees the ball they get up and chase it down trying to get there before the second bounce.
  • Repeat going the other way...

  • Player "A" stands behind player "B" and throws the ball over player "B" who chases the ball down before trying to get there before the second bounce.
  • Repeat going the other way...


Play the ball to a line and the chasing player must get it before the line. Repeat with player "B" serving and player "A" chasing.

A fun 1 on 1 soccer transition game

Start out by having...

  • Two players "A" and "B" come out and play 1 on 1 soccer, If player " A" scores he or she stays on and plays, and player "B" goes off.
  • As soon as player "A" scores player "C" can bring a ball on and play. So, player "A" has to defend quickly.

Coaching points:

  • The coach might run through the game slowly so the players get the feel for when they should come on and play.
  • The coach can add 2v2, 3v3 to the game which will create more passing options.

End the session with 3v3 or 4v4 games with an emphasis on transition.

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