"How to use team management"
Help a youth soccer team
achieve success.

Soccer team management is very important to the success of a youth soccer team. The season should start with the soccer coach appointing a manager or taking care of the management him or her self. This is generally a volunteer position, unless you are in very high level club...so be nice!

The duties are as follows...

  • Communication with the soccer team either via phone or email.
  • League soccer schedule so the parents know when the games are taking place.
  • Scheduling soccer tournaments.
  • Coaches communication to parents goes a long way in good team management.

Learn more about scheduling soccer tournaments for your team. The kids love to play in tournaments.

Preseason meeting with parents

This meeting could be organized in a fun way so the players can have some social time with each other. Pool party, pizza party, etc...

Parent time...

  • Philosophy on soccer and coaching kids.
  • What is expected from parents which can include conduct and supporting the team.
  • Communication from the mgr.

The trust is building...

Parent code of conduct

Parents are very important because they pay the bills, drive the kids to practice and support the team.

This is not license for the parents to behave badly during games or at practice. The coach has to define what the boundaries are and how the team will be run.

  • Kids need to show up for practice if the coach is going to be held responsible for the development of the players.
  • Practice time is for the coach to work with the players.
  • Game day...players need to be there 30 min before game time if they are playing 6v6 or 8v8 and 40-45 min if the kids are playing 11v11.
  • I encourage the parents very strongly not to coach from the sideline. It only serves to confuse the kids if the coach is yelling instructions and the parents are doing the same thing.
  • If the parents or parent have an issue you would like to discuss with the coach wait 24 hrs and let things cool down and have a rational discussion.
  • Let the coach be responsible for motivation.
  • No long winded speeches on the way to the game or on the way home. It should be "I love you and what do you want to eat" after a game. This is for the mental health of the player.
  • Support the team and its players...if a player is playing better than your son/daughter that is a great chance for your kid to learn. Don't bad mouth the other kids, especially in front of your kid and other parents.
  • Judge the season by the season and not game to game...because you will drive your self crazy along with the coach and other parents.
  • Make it fun for the kids and they will come back and play.

It is not McDonalds for soccer players...we don't come in one side and out the other with a player. :)

League play

Entering the league...

  • If the team is playing in the local rec league there should be one park where all the games are played.
  • If the team is playing in the Academy league there might be travel involved.
  • The manager or coach need to plan accordingly so players and parents know what the schedules are for games.

Team management makes the team go!

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