"Street soccer games that
players can use away
from practice"

Here are some street soccer games that are kid friendly and fun. The kids must be able to experiment with the ball when there is no one telling them what to do.

Check out these young players, coaching sessions and professionals training...see if you can get your kids to implement some of these ideas on their own.

A great way to develop players is indoor soccer because the players are in a small sided games with lots of touches and tight spaces.

Five fun street soccer games

Three and in

I learned this street soccer game in the school yard in South Africa. We used to play for hours on end with no coach.

Equipment: Need up to three players or more and a goal.

  1. One player becomes the goal keeper and the other players play against each other...first player to score three goals takes his or her turn in the goal.
  2. The keeper joins becomes a field player.
  3. If player does not have access to a goal make one with pug goals, other balls, cones, etc.

Make up your own version and have fun with it!!! :)

Hit the cross bar

Need access to a soccer goal...

  1. The players will start on the six or move back if they can chip a ball with some skill.
  2. Players take turns trying to chip the ball and hit the cross bar.
  3. The player that is successful gets a point.

Variation: strike the ball and hit the net or the post with no bounce.

Great street soccer game for working on chipping or striking the soccer ball.

Cross and in

Need access to a goal...

  1. One player in goal with the rest out in the field.
  2. The alternate player takes all the balls out to the side and crosses balls into the box.
  3. The player that heads or volleys the ball into the goal gets a point.

Great game for improving crossing and finishing skills.

Wall soccer

The kids need a rebound wall...

  1. Player "A" plays the ball off the wall and player "B" has one bounce before the player must play the ball off the wall again.
  2. The players can control the ball, juggle and play it off the wall as long as the ball only takes one bounce.
  3. If the ball bounces more than once the other player gets a point. 

Variation: Wall soccer can also be played individually if the player just wants to improve aspects of skills.

The player can work on passing, first touch, volleys, thigh control, turning, chest control and soccer shooting.

The player can combine skills like shooting and trapping, and dribbling the ball. The player strikes the ball off the wall and controls the ball off the bounce. Learn more about soccer skills to help the players get better.

Soccer tennis

An all time classic street soccer game! All you need is a tennis court. If you don't have a tennis court you can use a line on the soccer field with cones for boundaries, or you can purchase a soccer tennis net to set up on your practice field.

To start the game...

  1. A player serves from the hands with the foot - inside or laces.
  2. The game is just like tennis except the player receiving the ball can take as many juggles or touches as he or she wants to be able to get into position to play the ball back over the net.
  1. The player can use the foot, thigh or head. I would give the younger players two bounces before they lose a point. Players score a point if the ball lands in bounce and the opposing player does not get the ball after the first bounce.
  2. The players can decide to play to 15 or 21 but have to win by two.
  3. The kids can play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4.

Advanced game: The players only have one bounce and limited touches to get the ball back over the net. This game is great for the taking balls out of the air, soccer juggling, soccer volleys, and headers.  Enjoy your coaching!

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