"Throw your players into a
street soccer tournaments"

Street soccer tournaments are mini soccer games that are great environments for players to enjoy soccer, play small sided games and develop their game.

Tournament set up: Setting up street soccer is pretty simple...

  • Clip board with a pen
  • Cones
  • Watch
  • Small goals
  • Decide what format to play 3v3 or 4v4?

The biggest challenge that the coaches will have to face is getting the fields set up prior to the players arriving at the soccer fields.

Field set up: 25x30 grids

Rules of the game: This is the tricky part explaining how the scoring format works to a bunch of kids...you will probably end up explaining this 2-3 times and double checking the kids understand.

  • The coach gets out the list - prepare prior to tournament.
  • Each players on the list is assigned a number.
  • The coach will call the number so the players need to know and remember what number they are given.
  • The coach will need to define the rules of the game.
  • Ball goes over end line no corners or goal kicks...dribble onto the field to start play again .
  • Ball goes out of bounds on sideline - kick ins.
  • Cone goals - ball must be below the knees and not hit the cones.
  • The next trick for the coach is explaining the scoring format.
  • The players get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 for a loss.
  • The players also get credit for up to 3 goals scored individually.
  • They have to keep track of their own score.
  • The coach calls the players numbers after each game and the players report their score to the coach.

Once the players get the routine down the street soccer tournament games flow smoothly.

Making the teams: The player will have to report scores...

  • Once the players have given the score they are now reorganized into different teams - this is the tricky part!
  • I throw down 3-4 cones and have the kids line up behind the cones. The players go out in that group to play. The key is to make sure the kids are not playing on the same teams.
  • After every second game I tell the players their score...the competitive kids will keep track their own score.

The key to street soccer is to get the kids to compete for their score without coaching the kids every single second of every single game. Let them play!

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