"How to teach the stop and
go soccer move"

The stop and go move is a very effective move for...

  • Buying time by freezing the defender.
  • Beating a player.

This move is a great move when a player is going down the flank/wing or to just buy some time and freeze a defender to accelerate into space and go to goal. It is not a complicated move and very simple to teach young players.

How to teach the move!

The move is easy to learn - the players just have to get the timing down.

  • Turn the hips and bring the kicking foot (right foot) around the front of the soccer ball - like they are going to cut the soccer ball back.
  • The inside of the foot stops the soccer ball slightly.
  • The player pretends they are going to stop the ball with the kicking foot (right foot).
  • Rotate the hips back and push the soccer ball with the plant foot (left foot) and accelerate into space.

The player can also use the same foot they fake with to push the soccer ball. The player can obviously reverse this and start with the left foot. Once the players get this move down they can beat players or just create time, very effective!


The player dribbles and uses the right or the left foot to make a ...

  • Full circle around the top of the ball.
  • Push the soccer ball with the same foot we just made the circle with.
  • Accelerate into the space

This variation of the move is also very effective in beating players or just creating some time by freezing defenders.

Coaching the move

Warm up: Demo the basic move 2-3 times so the players get the hang of the move.

The players will dribble a soccer ball around using the laces. I give the players 30 seconds to work on the move and see if they can get the move down.

Coaching tip: The player can role the soccer ball with the side of the foot before using the stop and go. The coach can also combine other moves in the soccer practice.

I then have a player come up that has done very well and show the group the move. This breeds a lot of confidence when players are successful. Send the players back out to practice the move.

Watch the pros do it

Small sided games

Small sided games can be played in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 format. I like to take the move we have just worked on and give the players points if they pull the move off...

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