"How to teach a young player how to volley the soccer ball."

I love teaching kids how to hit soccer volleys with the inside of the foot and laces. The inside of the foot gives the players another option to play the soccer ball with out having to control the ball and take another touch.

There are three reasons to teach the this skill...

  • Play the soccer ball out of the air to a team mate.
  • Clear the soccer ball from danger.
  • Get a shot on goal from the run of play or restarts, especially at close range.

A volley with the inside of the foot is just like making a soccer pass on the ground except the player is playing the soccer ball out of the air. The instep volley is for soccer shooting and clearing the soccer ball. This is another tool for players to put in their box of tricks.

Inside foot volley

Inside foot volley is very much a like a pass except...

  • The soccer ball is played out of the air.
  • The players brings the knee up and gets the toe up, heel down and ankle locked.
  • The player's foot should make contact through the middle of the ball.
  • The plant foot will help the player aim for the target keeping the head and shoulders straight.

Coaching points: When the ball is traveling in the air I always tell the players to prepare the foot early so when the ball gets there the player is ready.

The instep volley

The instep is a little different in that the player will now point the toe down and lock the ankle.

The player strikes the ball on the sweet spot, which will make the ball fly if hit correctly.

The hardest part about hitting a good volley is keeping the ball down. The ball must be struck through the middle and not under the ball unless the player is trying to clear the ball.

Volley game

The coach has two players stand 5 yards apart with one ball. One player is serving the ball and the other is practicing the volley.

To get the game going...

  • Player "A" serves the ball to player "B" with a small under hand throw.
  • Player "B" volleys the ball back to player"A's" hands with the inside of the foot.,
  • Change partners after 10-20 reps.

Coaching points:

Player "B" should be on his or her toes between throws so they can prepare for the volley instead of standing flat footed.

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