"5 soccer turns coaches should
teach youth soccer players"

Teaching soccer turns in soccer practice in conjunction with dribbling helps players in the following ways.

  • Improves soccer technique and gives the players more options to beat players, get out of trouble or get quick shots off.
  • Turning into space quickly rather than taking extra touches to change direction with the soccer ball.
  • Taking touches away from defenders to protect the soccer ball... this also goes into shielding the soccer ball.

The coach can add turns to the players arsenal which will provide the kids another weapon to take to their soccer games.

The sole of the foot

When teaching this turn...

  • The player puts the foot on the soccer ball using the sole.
  • Pull the ball with the sole of the foot while pivoting on standing foot.
  • Change direction.

Coaching tip: An easy analogy for the kids to understand is to have them to think of it like a clock.

If they are facing twelve O'clock they want to end up at six O'clock. You can use this analogy for all the turns.

Inside foot cut

To teach the inside foot cut the player should...

  • Approach the ball and plant the non kicking foot just ahead of the ball, not like striking or passing the ball where the foot lands next to the ball.
  • When the player is using the right foot to cut plant left foot and visa versa. Turn the left foot slightly in the direction the player wants to move.
  • The player brings the kicking foot up and chops down behind the ball - knees bent, ankle locked and uses the laces or the inside of the foot.
  • The player should raise the leg slightly and come down on the ball - you should here a pop on the ball.
  • The ball should not go very far but just enough so the ball does not get caught up in the players legs forcing another touch but far enough to run onto and dribble into space.

Coaching tip:

Very important not to plant the foot directly behind the ball, but off to the side of the ball otherwise the ball will hit the plant foot when the player cuts.

Check out the cut move to turn below...

Outside foot cut

When learning the outside foot cut...

  • Instead of approaching the ball from the right the player plants the left foot on the left side ahead of the ball and uses the outside of the foot to cut the ball.
  • The kicking foot has the toe pointed slightly to the side so the foot comes down on the back of the ball.
  • The player and the ball should change complete direction.

Coaching point:

The touch must travel a small distance so the player does not take another touch and waste time just like the inside foot cut.

The outside foot cut is very effective soccer turn to either get rid of defenders, shield the soccer ball or change direction.

Step over and turn

When teaching this move the player is...

  • Standing in front of the ball take right foot and move it around the outside of the ball - right to left and plant foot - legs are now crossed.
  • Bring feet together - move left foot next to right foot.
  • Next, touch the ball with outside of right foot.

The coach should make sure the player puts the foot down so there is a fake - use the whole body in faking.

The player should now try the move at speed with out breaking it down into parts.

Check out the video below to see the technique broken down.

The spin turn

A great move for turning off a pass...

  • The player plants non kicking foot in the direction of the ball and points the kicking foot towards the ball slightly - toe pointed out.
  • As the ball get close to the kicking foot the player guides the ball with the inside of the foot - pulling the toe up, keeping the heel down and locking the ankle.
  • The player pivots on the standing leg, spins all the way round so he or she is facing the opposite direction.
  • The player dribbles into space once they have changed direction.

An easy way to practice this soccer turn is to get in front of a wall, pass the ball off the wall and practice the spin turn.

Introduce some of these soccer turns and watch your kids confidence grown.

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