"How to set up a soccer turning
practice to teach soccer turns"

Turning the soccer ball

Use soccer turning practice to help perfect soccer turns. I like to stick to 2-3 turns for the younger players so they learn the turns well. I can always come back and add more turns later. The three basic turns which are very effective for younger players are the pull back, cuts - inside and outside, the step over.

The players can come back and learn the more complicated turns like the Cruyff turn and the wonderful, trusty step over move.These moves will help players eliminate pressure, shield the ball and create scoring chances.

Turning practice

Get the players warmed up by...

Teaching the players a few moves like a pull back, Cruyff turn and the cut move in a 15x20 grid.

Coaching points:

I like to make sure the players are performing the moves well before we go to the next exercise. Here are some points to follow...

  • Turn quickly with good control.
  • Don't get the ball caught up between the feet.
  • When the player turns the ball should be out in front.
  • Accelerate away once you have turned, don't slow down.

Once the players have worked on some turns, warmed up and ready to go, move to a game.

Turning game

To get the game going...

The coach is working with 8-10 players - two players are monsters and the rest are trying to escape the monster.

Age appropriate for U6 players unless the kids have not played soccer. The coach could change the name and apply the game to older kids with some of the variations below.

To get the game going...

  • The players will dribble at one of the monsters and try to turn away with one of the turns we worked on in the warm up.
  • The players get a point if they are successful, but no point if the monster can kick the ball away.
  • They must then chase their ball and try again.

Coaching points:

The players have just worked on some really good turns in the soccer turning practice warm up. Now see if they can apply these turns to light pressure.

  • Don't make a turn right on top of the monster.
  • Accelerate away after turning.
  • Only dribble when the monster is looking.


  • Challenge the players with the ball by adding more monsters if the players are having too much success.
  • When the attacking player gets the ball knocked out of the square by a monster they can support players with the ball by receiving a pass. This keeps more players in the game.
  • If the players can save the ball they can continue to play.

Add small sided games to the soccer practice and see if the players can pull off a turn.

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