"How to use soccer training aids
to set up training sessions."

Using soccer training aids to set up soccer practices is the most fun aspect of coaching kids soccer. The players come to soccer practice expecting to have fun and enjoy their learning experience.

A soccer practice that is well set up and fun for the kids goes a long way in their development.

There are plenty of places where coaches can acquire training aids for soccer practices, yet retail prices can be steep! I have researched all kinds of soccer training equipment for soccer coaches on line and off line.

I have found some of the best bargains and discounts on line which makes shopping very cost effective and easy.

These items will get a coach organized if they are working with recreational players or a more advanced player or group.

Setting up the soccer practice is not difficult and only requires some very simple items.

Listed below are some of the soccer training aids that I think can really help coaches.

All the items are from Amazon - you can click on a links below to find my best recommendations for coaching equipment that has helped me in my coaching sessions.

Soccer communication

Looking for a way to show or communicate with your players more effectively?

Kids learn in different ways; some kids are visual, some are better listeners and some learn better by participating in the activity or a combination of all the three.

There are a number of ways to get your message across using soccer training aids...

  • Practice with the soccer ball - teaching the kids a shape.
  • Cones - I lay the cones down on the ground and show the kids tactically about shape, or positions.
  • Chalk talk on a board.

If I feel I am not getting my message across with the cone or in training it is time for chalk talk...there are a number of boards that coaches can get some have magnets and some are just dry erase - up to you!

A combination of a dry erase and magnets works really well.

Coaching point: I use the x mark for my players on the board so they know each time we do chalk talk that will our team.

Now you have plethora of information and it is time to get into the trenches. If you have never coached or played before taking info from a book to the field can be the tricky part.

Coaching tip: I would suggest you find a young select player, college player or a coach who can help demonstrate the skills to the kids. Painting a picture for the kids is one of the best ways to teach, so the kids can see and learn proper technique.

Enjoy your coaching!!

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