"Learn basic soccer terms to help
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Here is a list of soccer terms coaches can use for his/her players.

  • Man on: Pressure is coming from behind.
  • Time: The player has time to control the ball and play.
  • Turn and face: When the ball goes out the players should watch and make sure the other team does not restart play quickly.
  • Push up/step up: When your team has cleared the ball your team needs to move up to the half way line.
  • 50/50 ball: Two players are going for the ball and have equal chance to get the ball. Love it when kids get this soccer term.
  • Slide tackle: The players slides in and tackles the ball away.
  • Tackle: Win the soccer ball from the opponent.
  • Take a touch: The player controls the soccer ball instead of just kicking the ball down the field.
  • Keep the soccer ball on the ground: Control the soccer ball and pass it instead of just kicking it.
  • Be first to the soccer ball: Win the soccer ball first.
  • Pressure or press: Pressure the other soccer teams or players.
  • Take the player on: Go at the opponent and try and beat them with a soccer move.
  • Shield the soccer ball: Protect the ball from your opponent.
  • Head up/eyes up: Get your head up to see what is in front of you.
  • One touch: The player will pass the ball with one touch.
  • Two touch: The player takes one touch to control the ball and one touch to pass the ball.
  • Unlimited: The player plays with unlimited touches -can dribble or pass. Can be used in practice for more advanced players.
  • Give and go/combination play: Two players play passes around the a defender.
  • Soccer shape is how the teams moves as a unit around the field. It can be with the ball - attacking shape or without the ball - defending shape.

  • Match up/mark up: When defending we need to match up on players or mark players.
  • No bounce: Don't let the ball bounce or hit the ground...important when the keeper punts the ball or the other team has a goal kick.
  • Restarts: The restart of play from throw ins, corners and goal kicks.
  • Don't turn into players: Lots of players have the habit of turning right into defenders and losing the ball.

Learn how to add soccer terms into your soccer practice plans, soccer practices and soccer games.

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