"How to teach soccer shooting techniques for rolling balls
and shots off the dribble"

Shooting technique

Young players have a lot of break downs when it comes to soccer shooting. The players must develop good skills to hit different shots.

Shots that young players will hit in a game...

  • The soccer ball rolling away.
  • Shots off the dribble.
  • Soccer balls rolling towards the player.

These soccer shots are common to the game. Shots the kids will face if they play any kind of soccer.

How to teach different soccer shots

Start out by teaching the ball rolling away from the player...

  • The ball that is rolling away! The player has to catch up with the soccer ball.
  • The player has to get the plant foot down and bring the instep - toe down - through the middle of the soccer ball and make good contact.
  • It is important to lean over the ball and not back because the ball will take off on the player.
  • The player should land on the shooting foot.

The shot off the dribble...

  • The player dribbles and makes a move like a step over, scissors, v move or lunge move - should be an attacking move.
  • Lets take the scissors move - the player steps around the ball with the left foot and pushes the soccer ball with the outside of the right foot - ball has to go at an angle.
  • The player needs to step and get the plant foot next to the ball - ball is moving forward - get the hips into the shot with the ankle locked and toe down.
  • Land on the shooting foot.

A ball rolling toward the player...

  • The player just needs to make contact because the ball already has momentum.
  • The player locks the plant foot down - locks the ankle - gets the toe down and leans forward.
  • Strike through the middle of the soccer ball.
  • Land on the shooting foot.
  • The player does not need lot of follow through - just make contact - the ball will fly if the player makes contact.
Coaching point:

The danger in this shot goes over the goal because the player leans back.

Warm up: I like to warm up with the players working on their instep drive, so they are preparing for the soccer shooting exercises.

  • Players could sit on their back sides and work on knocking the ball up with the instep and catching the soccer ball.
  • The players can work on kick bounce exercises with an emphasis on the instep.

Once the players are warmed up the coach can take the players through the soccer shooting or shots that the coach will emphasize for the shooting practice that day.

Fun shooting game and techniques

I like the flag shooting game for shooting practice game for learning how to hit the shot off the dribble or a ball rolling away from the player.

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