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Striking the soccer ball

How do kids learn how to use proper soccer shooting technique to score goals?  Some players have a knack for scoring goals, they just pop up in the right places and bang, goal!  Despite all this kids need to learn how to strike a soccer ball as  scoring chances in a soccer game will present themselves. Nothing like a well struck ball.

 There is more than one way to score goals in the game of soccer. The main way of scoring is hitting the soccer ball with the laces, which is what we will explore here. This can also be called an instep drive!

Keys to striking the soccer ball

To begin teaching the proper ball striking technique...

  • The player must approach the ball and plant the plant foot next to the ball...if the foot is behind the ball the player will shoot with the leg and not the whole body. So, make sure the plant foot is next to the ball.
  • After the player has planted the foot next to the ball the kicking foot is pulled back with the ankle locked and toe down.
  • When the player strikes the ball the kicking foot should be driven through the middle of the ball, not under the ball or over the top of the ball.
  • The player should be leaning forward and land on the shooting foot.

Coaching point: The ball should have little spin and more swerve if the ball is struck correctly. Obviously, for little kids this will be tough while they are learning soccer shooting technique.

The coach has to continue to introduce and practice shooting techniques so the skill is reinforced. Once the kids have the technique down they will need to be able to finish under pressure of an opponent.

Striker-goalkeeper game

To set the game up...

  • Players are split into two groups wearing different color scrimmage vests.
  • The coach then places two cones 5 yards from the side of each post.
  • Place one cone 10-12yds out - The further out the cone is the more the kids run.

To start the game...

Group "A" - shooters - stand on the left side of the goal, behind the touch line, facing the field. Group "B" - goalkeepers - stand on the other side of the goal, behind the touch line, facing the field.

  1. The coach places himself or herself on the far side of group "B" with all the balls.
  2. A player from group "A" runs around the cone towards the goal...at the same time the player from group "B" runs around the back of the goal and into the goal mouth.
  3. The coach passes a ball to a player from group "A" who shoots and the player from group "B" tries to save. Once the shot has been taken the next two players are off and running.
  4. The games should last for 3-5 min with each player keeping score from team "A" once the three minutes are up the groups switch sides and team "B" tries to beat the team "A" score.
    Coaching points...
  5. The soccer ball is being passed square or to the player running around the cone to shoot.
  6. The player is hitting a ball coming back to them. The ball has lots of momentum, so does not require a great deal of power just good technique and little follow through.
  7. The coach can have the teams give themselves funky names to add to the fun.

Part of learning soccer shooting technique also goes back to working on the players instep - laces - when the coach has the players work on juggling the soccer ball. The more the soccer player has the feel for the soccer ball and where the foot should hit the soccer ball, the cleaner the soccer strikes will become.

Check out this quick video on shooting in action...

Here is another soccer shooting practice for young soccer players.

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