"Soccer shooting practice tips for coaches teaching shooting to
kid soccer players"

Soccer Shooting Practice

Soccer shooting practices are important because the kids have to learn how to finish on goal. So, how do we get players hitting the ball with confidence? The first thing I like to work on is the instep or sweet spot to strike the ball well.

Get the players going in practice with this warm up...

The soccer coach can start the kids out with soccer juggling and instep work so the players are working on striking the soccer ball with the laces. I like to add a few soccer moves into the warm up as well.

The coach can either warm up with kick bounce or instep work so the kids are working on their laces or instep as well as throwing a few dribbling soccer moves into the warm up.

The warm up should last 15-20 minutes...

Flag Game

The Flag Game is very easy to set up...

  • The coach will need a 20x20 or 30x30 grid with a flag goal (5 - 10 yards wide) set up in the middle of the field.
  • The coach also sets up two end zones 10-20 yards out from the goal at the end of the grid.

3 games the players can play in the Flag Shooting Game.

  • The players hit a dead ball from the end zone.
  • The player makes a self pass of 3-5 yards and runs onto the ball and strikes the soccer ball.
  • The players now have to dribble at the cone and make a move like a step-over, body swerve or cut to get a shot on goal.

Coaching points:

  • Good shooting technique - the ball is rolling away from player - catch up.
  • Get the ankle locked and toe down - get plant foot next to the ball and land on shooting foot after the shot.
  • The key here is to make sure the player takes the right touch off the move.
  • The ball should travel at a slight angle forward and not side ways.
  • The player has to get the plant foot down and the hips directed to the target and land on the shooting foot.

Play 3v3 or 4v4 with pug goals or stand up goals so the kids are getting lots of shots on goal to finish out the soccer practice.


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