Are soccer rules complicated?
No, except for offside!

The game of soccer is not complicated and very easy to learn. Soccer rules in general, except offside, are easy to follow. Standing at a soccer game can be amusing especially when I hear peoples interpretation of the rules, especially offside!! Coaches, you should give your young players a quick crash course on the rules of the game so they know what to expect when they hit the field. As they mature as players they will learn how to read the game and refs signals.

I have included a little video below with some good explanations - hope you enjoy!

Kick off

How to use the kick off to start a soccer game...

  • The soccer game begins when the ref puts the soccer ball in the middle of the center circle on the spot.
  • The ref checks to see if the goal keepers are ready.
  • The soccer team that has the kick off must have two soccer players next to the soccer ball.
  • The soccer ball must roll forward on the kick off.

Now the kids have the soccer ball in play...

The corner

An easy explanation for the corner kick...

  • Team "A" is attacking team "B's" goal.
  • When team "A" shoots but a member of team "B" blocks the ball or gets hit with the ball and the ball goes over the end line team "A" gets a corner.
  • The ball is placed on the corner and gets played back in by team "A".
  • Team "B" has to be ten yards from the ball.

The corner is a friend at the younger age group...

The goal kick

  • When soccer team "A" is on the attack and shoots the soccer ball over team "B's" end line - line the goal is on - team "B" is awarded a goal kick.
  • Goal kicks are taken from the corner of the six yard box on the side the soccer ball went out of bounds or nearest side if it goes over the goal line.

The goal kick can be the enemy at the younger age groups...good soccer kicking technique is a must.

The throw in

How to take a throw in...

  • The ball is played out of bounce on the side line by team "B" so team "A" gets a throw-in.
  • The player must take the ball and hold the ball behind the head and throw the ball in.
  • The players feet must be on the ground...if the foot is lifted the ref can award the throw to the other team.

Make sure your player drags his or her foot...

The soccer foul

Under the soccer rules a player cannot..

  • Run into a player.
  • Impede a players progress.
  • kick a player especially from behind.
  • Grab a player.

Open to interpretation from the referee...

The offside rule

Check out this video for a full explanation on the offside rule!!

The offside rule is probably the most complicated and controversial of the soccer rules...

  • The attacking player cannot start between the goalkeeper and the last defending player. If the player is next to or in front of the last defending player, that player is onside.
  • If a player comes back from an offside position and receives the ball that player is offside.
  • If a shot is taken and the player gets a rebound and is standing in an offside position that player is offside.
  • If attacking player "A" is standing in an offside position and attacking player "B" gets the ball in an onside position and dribbles through and scores the goal counts.
  • As long as player "A" - offside - is not interfering with the play it will count as a goal.

Now you have the basic soccer rules . For more info go to USYSA, look under referees for more on rules of the game of soccer. Enjoy your soccer coaching!

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