"Teach players soccer receiving
to develop a good first touch"

Developing a great first touch

Obviously, the coach can't teach players soccer receiving if the players can't pass the soccer ball with any accuracy or skill.

The beautiful thing about receiving, is it goes right along with passing the soccer ball, so the coach can work on both soccer skills at the same time.

A player can use different parts of the foot and different surfaces like the thigh, chest and head to control the soccer ball.

Once the players have the basic inside foot trap down...the coach can move onto trapping the soccer ball with different surfaces.

Some players are very good at taking their first touch into space which is even better than just killing the pass, but a little harder skill to develop.

Receiving the soccer ball

A players first touch can make or break whether a player is successful or not. I hear coaches say it all the time. A players first touch is everything.

The players that has a great first touch get the ball under control and get their heads up quickly so they see what is coming.

This allows them to either pass the ball or dribble.

Check out this video to see a demo of a good first touch.

The technique involved in receiving the soccer ball...

  1. Toe up, heel down and ankle locked.
  2. Prepare the receiving foot before the ball gets there.
  3. Give a slight cushion when the ball arrives so the ball does not bounce away.

Have I mentioned first touch is vital...

Receiving game

In teaching this topic...

  1. The players are divided into groups of three with the first player in line with a soccer ball.
  2. The first player dribbles about five yards and uses a soccer turn then passes the soccer ball to the next player in line.
  3. The player sprints to the back of the line.
  4. The next player has to take a good first touch with the inside of the foot and repeats the exercise.
  1. The player waiting in line should be on their toes and ready to go.
  2. Prepare the foot early and take a good first touch - toe up, heel down and ankle locked.
  3. I like to have the players go through three times and see where the players are technically.
  4. Once this is accomplished the coach can help the players make corrections with the first touch.
  5. When the ball is spinning off the players foot the ankle is not locked.
  6. When the ball hits them in the feet and they the touch is not clean then the player is not preparing the foot before the ball gets there.

Once the player passes the soccer ball to the next player in line - who has to take a touch with the inside of the foot - repeats the exercise.

Developing a good first touch in soccer is knowing which surface the player is going to use, getting the surface prepared and controlling the soccer ball.

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