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"Coach, either you have a plan
or you plan to fail"

One of the most exciting parts of soccer coaching is organizing soccer practice plans for the kids, showing up at soccer practice and running a good practice. There is nothing like it, when the kids are buzzing around soccer practice and enjoying themselves, with everything going according to plan.

 I have included some basic practice plans and games below. When is the best time for success, only one answer - now! Coaches, don't forget to give your players a crash coarse in the rules of the game, by clicking here!

How do you turn your warm up into another skills practice? Keep it simple and fun when setting up a warm up for 4-8 yr old's.

Need more ideas on game warm ups? Click here!

A coach dealing with academy or select players has to take this into account when setting up the warm up and make the warm up more challenging.

The coach will need 2-3 scrimmage vests and cones.

Play this fun tag game...

  • 1-3 players have scrimmage vests in their hands.
  • The rest of the players are in the grid with no ball.
  • The players run in and try to tag a player...if successful they give the player the vest.
  • When a player has a vest in his/her hand at the end of the allotted time they do a funny forfeit or what I call funky exercises.

Coaching tip:

If the taggers are not able to tag anyone add more taggers or decrease space. If the game is too easy add taggers or make the space bigger.

The importance of fundamental soccer skills...

Here are some soccer skills that players must be introduced to at the younger ages. The mantra I use is no technique no tactics!

  • Basic dribbling
  • Passing and receiving
  • Juggling
  • Shooting
  • Ball control

These basics can be used in the soccer warm up and before soccer games to get the kids extra touches with the soccer ball. The kids can get an entire soccer skills practice in during the warm up.

Fun soccer practices for kid soccer players...

Coach, the players will want to play small soccer games all practice long, but the coach has a soccer practice plan to follow, right? To get the players engaged in learning their skills and staying focused I use these soccer practices...

I show them a move, juggle or a skill and see if they can repeat what I have done. I then encourage them to come up with their own move, juggle or skill. These games all have fun elements in the games to ignite the creativity of the player.

Add more fun games to your practice...

Running out of ideas - add more games to your soccer practice plans.

Play Non stop soccer with your kids - great for small tournaments.

Non stop soccer!

Play non stop and the kids will have a blast...

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. The coach could have a prize for the winners. A great game to add into your soccer practice plans...a definite kids favorite!


The coach uses disk cones to make small 5yd goals all over the field...

To start the game...

  • The players play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3...
  • The object of the game is to score, but with non stop soccer you can score on both sides of the cone goals.
  • If the team scores they continue to play on the other side.


The coach plays a 2v2 or 3v3 game in a tournament format. The games will last 2-3 minutes depending on the age of the players. The coach now rotates the teams so they all play each other.

I need your help in creating a dynamic coaching community! Post your comments, ideas or soccer practices that you would like to see by firing away at Soccer fun games.

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