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When organizing soccer practice games "The game is the teacher!"

This is one of my favorite sayings because I like to teach through games. The kids have so much fun when they are engaged in small sided, fun games that teach and improve soccer skills.

Sometimes the players are unaware of the fact they are learning through the game because they are having so much fun just playing.

I have come up with a list of my favorite games and variations of games that I think really help the young players learn.

I like to start out teaching the young players how to dribble the soccer ball and then add in some passing.

Want to know why I teach dribbling before passing the soccer ball?

Passing vs dribbling and why I teach dribbling first...


I like to start out with basic dribbling to get the kids used to the soccer ball. Check out these fun games for dribbling fun.

The numbers game

Non stop soccer

Cone wars

Once the players have established a foundation with basic dribbling the players move to 1 on 1 moves learning how to beat a defender.


I like to teach turning the soccer ball next so the players have now been exposed to dribbling basics, 1 on 1 soccer moves and soccer turns.

Relay dribbling and turning races

Monster turning game

A coach can get through half a season or more just on these topics alone.


Passing is obviously a very vital skill for young players to learn. When players can dribble and find that killer pass to set an attacking player free that is magic. Some of my favorite passing games to teach players are...


Twenty one game - opposed passing

Get the players basic technique down and then teach them passing games so they learn to incorporate passing into the soccer games.

Ball control

Bring the ball out of the air or controlling the soccer ball on the ground are also very important skills to master but can be difficult for young players to get used to especially using surfaces like the thigh, chest and head.

Soccer Tennis

These are just a few of the games that kids can play to make themselves better players.

Ball striking

Obviously, players and teams don't score goals if they cannot shoot. Teach the kids how to shoot the soccer ball with fun soccer practice games that teach players how to shoot the soccer ball with the

Flag Shooting Game

The Numbers game.

Street Soccer Tournaments.

Numbers game to big goals

Numbers game to cone goal.

Transition soccer game

Combination games are games that possess all the facets of soccer dribbling, passing, ball control and shooting the soccer ball. These soccer practice games provide a fun environment for the players to learn how to play soccer.

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