"A soccer passing practice
for your U10 - U12

Passing practice

This soccer passing practice is a favorite when coaching the little guys because it teaches them many of the aspects of the passing game, good technique, communication and movement.

The players also have lots of fun competing against each other. I find any game with points works really well.

Players that can pass the soccer ball and dribble when they need to get out of trouble are a real asset to the team because they keep possession of the soccer ball.

The first thing the players have to be able to do is play with good passing and receiving technique so there are good first touches and good passes.

So, if the players need to go back and work on their soccer skills you will probably have to simplify the soccer practices.

Warm up

Get the players going with a fun warm up playing 3 vs 1 or line passing. Once you have completed the warm up I like to play a fun game - and then move into my topic.

Opposed passing

Start this soccer passing practice with...

  • 4vs1 inside the 15x20 grid with extra cones placed around the grid.
  • The first team to reach 21 points wins the game.
  • The attacking team must pass the soccer ball correctly so that every time they make a good pass = 1 point. The players must run around a cone and enter the game after the pass.
  • All the defender has to do is touch the soccer ball to get 3 points.
  • First team to 21 points wins. If the game goes very well play several rounds if not adjust so the players gain success.


  • Enlarge the grid - more space or make it smaller if the attacking team is winning too much.
  • Add More defenders so there is more pressure.
  • Put restrictions on the passing like two touch.
  • Use a good first touch when receiving the pass.
  • When the players run around cones to re enter the game look to support the ball quickly.
  • Good communication.

Finish the soccer practice with a 3v3 or 4v4 game with an emphasis on good passing and supporting play.

I like to give points for passes completed i.e.2 good passes is a point or 3 good passes is a point, depending on the level or just let them play.

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