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The soccer nutmeg is a fancy move where an attacking player will dribble at the defender pass the ball between the defenders legs, while the touch is going through the attacking player runs around the defender retrieves the soccer ball on the other side.

The move can be executed in a variety of ways using the inside of the foot and outside of the foot.

Watch this quick video and you will see how the pros use the nutmeg to beat defenders from different angles.

The soccer nutmeg is an easy move to teach, but the move will require a bit of experimenting on the players part to put it into practice. This move is really learned through a discovery process while playing against other players 1v1 or in groups like 2v2 or 3v3.

The player with the soccer ball must recognize when a defender is not in the proper stance and flat footed to pull off the move. When done right can be used to devastating effect.

So, lets get into how to teach kids what a nutmeg is and how to use it against an opponent.

How to coach the soccer nutmeg

How do we coach a nutmeg?

There are a number of fun games to introduce the nutmeg to the the kids during soccer practice.

Equipment: Cones and soccer balls

Grid: 30x40

Exercise: The coach has half the team in the grid standing with feet apart in a stationary position - like gates. The other half are on the outside of the grid with soccer balls ready to dribble.

Warm up: The players with soccer balls will dribble and knock the soccer ball through the gate and run around the gate and retrieve the ball on the other side.

The first group will try and get every gate and the coach then switches the dribblers and gates. The coach can play a couple of rounds to get everyone used to the game.

Game: The coach times each group to see how quickly they get through the gates, a little competition which the kids love.

Variation: Another exercise that players can use to work on nutmegs is playing through arcs - the players will pass a ball through the arc and try to get it on the other side.

Equipment: arcs, pennies and balls

Grid: 25x30 depending on the age group

Exercise: The coach puts arcs down all over the field so they are spread out.

The players will dribble their balls and try to push the soccer ball between the arcs and run around to get the soccer ball on the other side. Give them several rounds so they get used to the skill.

Game: How many arcs can they meg in 1-2 min

Soccer nutmeg games

The coach will put the kids into a 3v3 game and the players will see if they can get a nutmeg on an opponent. If they are successful they get a point. The kids really enjoy the challenge of the nutmeg game. The nutmeg game also helps the defenders because they will have to work on their stance to avoid getting the meg.

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