How to teach soccer moves
to youth soccer players

Why are soccer moves are very important to youth soccer players?

Young players need to learn how to handle the soccer ball by; beating players 1 on 1, using soccer turns to change direction, shielding the ball if under pressure and shooting the soccer ball.

The kids will also be more aggressive in wanting to go after the soccer ball when they lose the ball, because they now have the confidence in knowing what to do with the soccer ball.

Lets begin with 1v1 moves so the players build a solid foundation.

Basic dribbling

A coach working with players that are at a very basic level should start them out with the basic dribbling so they build a solid foundation.

 This also builds a comfort level when players have the ball.

Basic dribbling

Basic dribbling will work on all four parts of the foot - inside - outside - sole and laces. Once the players have these basic dribbling moves down they can move onto putting together combinations.

How long does it take to master the dribbling basics? The coach will be able to tell if the kids have the basics down based on the  performances in the soccer practices and soccer games.The kids will display a confidence and a want to show off their new skills.

Soccer turns

Once players have the basics down they should also learn how to use soccer turns like the pull back, cuts and Cruyff turns.

These turns will help young players turn away from trouble, create space and scoring opportunities.

Soccer turns

Turns can be combined with basic dribbling moves to form some very good soccer practices. The coach just needs to get creative when planning out soccer practice.

1v1 Attacking play

Once the players have gotten basic dribbling and turns down introduce 1v1 moves like step-overs, cuts and scissors moves.

The challenging part of learning moves is taking the moves and applying the moves the game.

Dribbling 1v1 moves

These soccer moves can be used to beat players 1 on 1 - get out of trouble and create scoring chances.

The most important part of beating players 1 on 1 is accelerating past the defender when the player has used the move.


Shielding moves come into play when players are under pressure of the opponent - example A player trapped in the corner or under pressure a couple of defenders.

The shielding will be a combination of holding the defender off and using a turn or dribbling move to get out of trouble.

Shielding the soccer ball

All the dribbling moves, turns and shielding will help young players keep possession of the soccer ball - which leads to attacking play. So how long does this process take? It is a constant process while players are developing their game.

Soccer shooting

Once the players have learned how to dribble, turn and shield the soccer ball they need to learn how to shoot the soccer ball so they can score goals.

Shooting technique

There are different soccer shots that kids need to learn; a ball rolling away player, a ball rolling towards the player, bouncing balls and shooting off the dribble. This takes the kids time to learn all these soccer shots.

The coach can design soccer practices to learn how to hit all these different shots.

Putting it all together

How to put a soccer practice together that combines some of these soccer moves in a soccer practice. Based on the level the coach can combine basic dribbling moves and 1 on 1 soccer moves together.

Putting a soccer practice together is based on a few factors...

  • Age group
  • Experience level

The coach has to take into account what he or she is coaching and then decide how to plan accordingly.

All these little skills can be combined to help young players develop their soccer skills. The coach can then design a dribbling practice. Quality soccer practices based on what the kids need.

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