"How to use soccer mini games to help your players develop
their game"

What are soccer mini games? Mini soccer games are just small sided soccer games that will help soccer players develop the basic soccer skills and soccer tactics that are needed to compete in the sport of soccer.

  • Dribbling, shooting and passing the soccer ball.
  • Ball control followed by dribbling.
  • Frequent 1 on 1 soccer situations

Check out these mini games and see if you can apply the games to your soccer practice plans and soccer practices.

Small sided games

How do we set up mini games and/or small sided games?

  • U6 - 15 x 20 yard training field.
  • U9 - 20 x 30 yard training field.
  • U10 - 30 x 40 yard training fields.

Are great for maximizing...

  • Ball touches.
  • Playing time - does not turn into a fitness exercise.
  • Having fun

Coaches, when you follow these basic guidelines you will be successful coaching the kids.

Red Light - green Light

Age group: U6

Equipment: soccer balls

Game: Dribbling game - Coach sets up a 20x15 grid and all the players will dribble the soccer ball around the grid.

  • The coach yells out "Red Light" and the players stop the soccer ball with the foot - sole.
  • The coach yells out "Green Light" and the players speeds up and dribbles into space.
  • The coach yells "Yellow light" and the players dribble slowly.

This is a great way to introduce players to dribbling.

Get Outta Here

Age group: U6-U10

Equipment: soccer balls

Game: Dribbling game - Coach sets up a 20x15 grid with cone goals at either end of the soccer field.

The coach breaks the players into two teams and stands on a sideline with the two teams on either side of the coach.

  • The coach passes a soccer ball into play.
  • Players from each team run out to win the soccer ball.
  • The players will attack the goal that is farthest from them.
  • If a ball goes out of bounds or a goal is scored the players must get off the soccer field as fast as possible.
  • The coach yells "Get outta here".

The kids have lots of fun in this fast paced and dynamic game.

Boss of the Balls

Age group: U6

Equipment: soccer balls

Game: Small sided 3 on 3 soccer mini game - Players play in a 20x30 grid in a 3 on 3 game.

  • When a ball goes out of play or a goal is scored the coach passes a soccer ball into the game.
  • The coach is boss of the balls.
  • The losing player or team has to get the soccer ball.

Coaching point: The coach can roll a second soccer ball into the game to speed up play even more. This game will bring out the competitiveness in your players.

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