"What is the importance of
teaching soccer juggling?"

Juggling the soccer ball

why, Is juggling so important and how do I teach soccer juggling?

Juggling is important for three reasons, balance, concentration and skill. Kids will build incredible confidence and skill when their skills improve. They will also have a blast playing all the little juggling games once they are competent soccer jugglers.


How do soccer players develop balance?

  • The players are always using one foot to juggle and the other to stand on, or back and forth.
  • The player have to get their hands out for balance.

This helps players get a feel for the soccer ball and how to protect themselves during a game.


While the players are learning to juggle they will have to...

  • Concentrate on the ball and their technique to improve.
  • The players will also have to concentrate to improve their juggling numbers or while playing small juggling games.

The players will enjoy the small challenges...


How do the players learn to develop touch and skill in soccer?

  • The kids learn how the ball spins.
  • There could be a forward spin or a back spin.
  • The players also learn which surface to use like the foot, thigh or the head.
  • How to control the ball depending on the height and angle the ball is coming at them.

The skill factor comes into play when they face opponents. Juggling the ball can be used when the ball is in the air and the player needs to take a few juggles to keep possession.

Juggling with the feet

Why should the players keep the ankle locked and keep the toe pointed out - straight? This helps the ball go straight up when the player makes contact.

The kids can self correct by knowing that when the...
  • Toe is up the ball will spin back towards the player.
  • When the toe is pointed down to far the ball will bounce away from the player.
  • When the toe is straight out the ball will go straight up.

I get the kids to repeat this back to me so they can self correct when juggling on their own. The ball should hit the instep popping up nicely. When the ball hits the end of the toe it will die.

Check out this video for some good tips...

Juggling with the thighs

Why is thigh juggling the easiest soccer juggle of the three?

The player has a bigger surface to work with when juggling with the thigh.

  • The player uses the middle of the thigh to pop the ball up.
  • When the ball hits the knee it will bounce away.
  • When the ball hits the thigh it will bounce straight into the air.

  • The key is to have the hands out for balance and be able to go right then left and repeat this so the ball stays in the air.

What fun juggling game can the coach use to teach soccer juggling?

  • The player starts with the soccer ball in his or her hands.
  • He or she drops the soccer ball onto the thigh and pops the ball back up with the thigh and catches it.
  • The coach can give a point every time the player gets a thigh and a catch.

Now have the kids try right and left and catch. Once they have that down see how many they can do in a row. This will produce good soccer skill.

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