"Introduce players to soccer
hand ball - watch the fun
and learning begin"

Why teach soccer hand ball - this is soccer right?

Do you ever find young players just watching the player with the ball waiting to see what is going to happen?


the kid standing behind the defender asking for a pass - furiously waving their hands in the air and screaming "pass I am open." Funny stuff! This is a common part of the youth game while players are learning to move without the soccer ball.

  • How do we get the kids to understand how to play the passing game.
  • How do we get players to move out of the defenders shadow to receive the soccer ball?
  • How to teach kids to communicate with their team mates.

Soccer handball!

This game is very easy to set up and the kids have a blast playing the game.

Soccer hand ball

Age group: I would start playing hand ball with U10's or maybe some advanced U9's.

Equipment: cones, scrimmage vests, soccer balls.

Grid: 15x20 or 20x30

Game: Divide the players into two teams "A" and "B" in different scrimmage vests.

  • The players start the game inside the grid with the ball in their hands.
  • The players pass the ball to each other - using the hands only.
  • When a player receives the soccer ball they can only move in place i.e. pivot!
  • When the ball is dropped or intercepted there is a change in possession.

Coaching points: The kids will show a lot of enthusiasm when the ball is in their hands moving, talking and having fun.

  • Pass and move
  • Angles of support
  • Communication
  • Working hard to win the ball back when you lose it.

As the ball moves towards the ground the game becomes more difficult so the players have to think about the game more. This can slow the game down.

The coach has to be patient as the kids learn how to move without the soccer ball. Learning to keep possession of the soccer ball takes time.

Handball games

There are tons of fun games that the players can play using soccer hand ball as the teacher.

  • Team "A" plays against team "B" in the 15x15 or 20x20 grid.
  • The players can pass the ball over defender or past a defender.

Coaching tip: Let the players get warmed up for a few minutes by just playing with no scoring - free play.

Scoring: 3 consecutive passes is a point or what ever you think the players can handle.

Play several rounds and coach between the games to get the players understanding movement i.e. not hiding behind defenders, moving after the pass and communicating with their teammates.


Use these restrictions to add a degree of difficulty...

  • The players pass the soccer ball below head height.
  • Duck walk while passing the soccer ball.
  • Roll the ball along the ground to a team mate.
  • A player rolls the soccer ball with the hands and the next player passes with the feet.

The coach is slowly transitioning the players into playing a possession game on the ground - applying the principles of possession soccer to the soccer practice.

Move into a possession game...

The players play the soccer ball along the ground in a possession game.

If the coach is working with more advanced players - the coach can add restrictions to the game, example 2 or 3 passes is a point!!

Finish the practice with a small sided soccer game.

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