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What is a kid's #1 most favorite thing to do in soccer practice? Play soccer fun games, shoot and scrimmage.

Superhero day - 3v3 or 4v4 game at soccer practice. The kids have to dress like there favorite superhero. The only rule is the kids have to play like their favorite superhero - all out!

The coach has players in a circle with designated taggers - three to five players. This is a great game to get the team going when starting soccer practice.

  • First round players can only skip, taggers included.
  • Second round players can only shuffle side to side.
  • Third round players can only run backward.
  • Fourth round players can only crawl.

When a player gets tagged they hand over the scrimmage vest to the player that got tagged. The players that get tagged have to perform a funky exercises. The kids get a kick out of doing silly little forfeits!!

Group tag games!

Put down some cones and watch the kids go...

  • Coach has three players link arms - no ball.
  • The players have to run with arms linked and tag free players.
  • If a player gets tagged they join the group.

The coach will get lots of laughter out of this soccer fun game.

Play crabs and fishes...

Play the Crabs and fishes soccer dribbling game. Add this soccer fun game into your soccer practice plans and your kids will have a blast.

Start the game with some crabs sitting down...

  • The objective is to steal a fishes ball using their hands.
  • If the crab gets the ball they become a fish.
  • If a player dribbles out of the grid they have to do a funky exercise.

The coach can ask the players what kind of soccer fun game they should play...they like having the choice and come up with some good ones!

Battleships for passing accuracy!

Get all the basic techniques on passing so your kids will get the most out of this fun passing game. This game is also known as battle ships or bowling or a name the players will choose based on their favorite video game.

Equipment: Standing cones and disc cones - if there are no standing cones put balls on top of disk cones. Player must aim and knock ball off cone.

How to set up the game...

  • The coach lines up four to five standing cones in a row - nice and close together.
  • The coach then measures out 10 yards and puts down a gate of say 5 yards wide.
  • Then measures another ten yards and puts down a single cone.
  • All distances can be adjusted for players of different levels of play.
  • The coach can add additional stations so players are in small groups with lots of passing opportunities.

Get the players into the game.

  • The players start on the single cone in a line and dribble their ball out to the gate.
  • The player stops the ball at the gate and aims, trying to knock the stand up cones down using a pass.
  • Once the player has taken a turn they run and get the ball and the next player goes when they get back.
  • The team that knocks all the cones down wins the game.

Coaching point: The coach can have each player using their own ball, so the players do not have to hand the ball off. He/she could even have the players go when the pass is made to speed the game up.

The numbers game for small sided play...

Play this fun shooting and dribbling game...

  • The coach splits the players into two teams and has each team stand on either side of the goal, so team "A" goes to right of the goal and team "B" to the left of the goal.
  • The coach positions himself or herself on the eighteen yard line with all the balls.

The coach gets the game going by...

  • Calling out a number such as one, two or three. Whatever number the coach calls out that is how many players come from each team.
  • The coach plays a ball into the eighteen and which ever group gets to the ball first turns and attacks the goal and the other team defends.
  • When the defending team wins the ball they can attack.

Coaching points:

  • Encourage the kids to try and turn quickly when they get to the soccer ball and go to goal and score.
  • The coach can also back up and create more space if he or she wants to add a fitness element to the soccer fun game.

Play 8-10 minute games and make it a soccer tournament...kids love this soccer game!!

Share your favorite fun soccer game.

I love seeing kids with a smile on their faces after playing fun soccer games. What games get your soccer kids fired up and having fun?

I will post your favorite fun soccer games below so all the coaches can see your ideas and take them to soccer practice.

I do reserve the right to approve any games before they are posted below.

"See what other fun games coaches have shared."

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