"How to introduce soccer fitness to  players using the soccer ball."

How do we get soccer fitness into soccer practice without running boring laps and fitness drills?

  • Speed up your soccer sessions
  • Rings and ladders
  • Soccer skills
  • 1 on 1 soccer
  • Small sided games

All these aspects of soccer training can be used to get kids fit just by adjusting space, getting the players better with the soccer ball and using ladders or rings. The better the kids get with their soccer techniques, the less the players have to think about the ball, the faster they can go.

One vs One Soccer

The soccer coach has the players play...

  • 1 on 1 soccer to a disk cone or standing cone with the soccer ball for a minute.
  • When the attacking player loses the soccer ball they become the soccer defender. When the defender wins the soccer ball they become the attacker. The soccer game does not stop until coach calls time.

Coaching tip: If the coach wants the young soccer players to work really hard in this soccer game put a rule in that they cannot stand on the disc cone and defend it. The player must go out and meet the attacking soccer player.

Make a competition out of it by having them change up partners after a min. You will get lots of fitness by having the kids play several rounds.

Small sided games

If you play 3v3 or 4v4 in your scrimmages.

  • Make your scrimmage dynamic so the players have fun and work hard.

  • Have some extra soccer balls in your hand and behind the goals so the players do not have to run and get soccer balls. The players will now get more touches on the soccer balls and play longer.
  • Add a second ball, touch restrictions - not good for little ones - more for kids that have developed soccer skill.

Play small sided games with soccer goals so young soccer players have many chances to score goals.

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