"How to teach soccer dribbling
moves in a fun dynamic way."

Soccer dribbling moves can be broken down into small teachable parts so the players develop a solid foundation. The players will develop ball feeling and build flexibility in the ankle joints and build up the calf muscles through these dribbling exercises.

Four parts of the foot

Young players should start developing a good foundation by learning how to use the soccer ball with the inside, outside, laces and sole of the foot. The players can develop both the left and right foot using all four parts of the foot.

  • Laces used for a speed dribble and getting into space fast.
  • Outside foot to change direction and dribble in tight spaces.
  • Inside foot to change direction and dribble in tight spaces
  • Sole of the foot to drag the soccer ball away from the defender.

This foundation will set the players up to build confidence with the soccer ball. The player can also add soccer moves to this foundation once they have the basics down.

Soccer turns

Once the players have a foundation down just dribbling the soccer ball using the four parts of the foot the coach should introduce turning the soccer ball.

  • Sole of the foot - turn the soccer ball to change direction.
  • Inside foot cut
  • Outside of the foot cut
  • Step-over move.
  • Cruyff turn.
  • Pull back - inside foot touch

The players should be able to use dribbling and turns with the soccer ball.

How to teach soccer moves

Once the players have a good foundation with the soccer ball which means they can change direction, hold the soccer ball using the sole of the foot, dribble the soccer ball into space with speed the coach can now add soccer moves to the players arsenal.

  • Single moves
  • Step over moves
  • Scissors
  • Cuts
  • V-moves
  • Stop and go moves
  • Double moves
  • Double scissors
  • Double step over
  • Double cuts
  • Double V-moves

This all comes off a good basic foundation of basic dribbling. The players can then pick and choose which moves they like and add double moves or combinations to the single moves.

Use dribbling foot work and moves

The coach can really refine the players soccer dribbling moves by combining fast foot work and dribbling moves.

  • Dribbling with the inside foot touches and step overs.
  • Dribbling with the laces and a cut.
  • Dribbling with the inside of the foot and a v-move.
  • Put a combination together like foundation touches, a v-move and a step over.

Now the players are learning to combine soccer moves, turns and feints. I have really enjoyed the Coerver coaching because the series gives coaches a great understanding of how to break the skills down, teach new moves and add these skills to the game.

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