What are soccer cone wars and how do we add them to our soccer practices?

Cone wars

I love teaching young players with fun games like soccer cone wars instead of boring soccer drills. Players learn quickly because everything is a game and they are having fun playing just as if they were playing in the park.

A coach will get more out of the young soccer player if he or she finds the game or practice fun. Use these motivating games to enhance the players experience.

To start the game...

  • The coach throws cones down all over the field that has been set up in a 20 x 30 grid or a grid appropriate for the age you are coaching.
  • The players must dribble around and see how many cones they can pick up without losing control of the soccer ball.

Coaching points:

  • Players must dribble from cone to cone - not just kicking the ball and running after it to grab cones, but dribbling with nice tight control.
  • As players grab cones they must bend down - great for dribbling and changing direction and exploding out of the move.
  • Get the kids to look up and spot other cones.
  • The coach can spread the cones out more if he or she wants to work on acceleration.


  • Dribble with left foot only or dribble with right foot only.
  • The player must dribble around the cone before picking it up - coach can have the kids use inside of the foot or outside of the foot.
  • The player must knock cone over or hit cone with a pass before picking it up.


See if they can beat the number of cones they got from the last game.

Add some competition to the game

Add in competition by...

  • Adding two goals to either side of the grid.
  • The players have to dribble while picking up cones, but this time they have to get the cones back to their goal - the team who has the most cones will win the game.

Coaching points:

  • Continue to work on bending down and exploding out of the bend while keeping control of the ball.
  • Go as fast as possible...


  • The players can steal the cones for the other teams goal.
  • Add four goals and play with smaller numbers.

Play 3v3 or 4v4 games with the emphasis on changing direction quickly and looking up to see where space is...

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