Soccer Coaching Videos
for u6-U12

Soccer coaching videos and DVDs are very common in the soccer market. So, what does a novice, Academy or recreational coach look for in a video or DVD to learn more about coaching youth soccer?

I have listed several topics below that will help youth coaches choose a suitable video or DVD for the particular age or level the coach is working with...

  • Soccer skills
  • Soccer tactics for younger players
  • Small sided soccer games

These are soccer topics that youth coaches should focus on if you have never played the game or maybe not played at high level. To get a crash coarse on the soccer skills that coaches must teach and  players should learn I have a list of all the skills your players need.

The next phase is learning how to teach the game and why coaches should teach in the small sided game format. What are the benefits of teaching in small sided games?

  • The players get more touches on the soccer ball.
  • The players take a touch which now leads to a dribble or pass.
  • There is less ground to cover - not a fitness contest.

How do we handle game day?

Last but not least, how do I approach the game of soccer as a coach?

I am going to start with videos that I have found very beneficial in teaching soccer skills.

Extra tips on soccer coaching videos

My favorite dvds for live demos and technique are the Coerver series. The dvds will give you a really good break down of how technique should look, feel and be taught - very detailed and informative.

Now you have plethora of information and it is time to get into the trenches. If you have never coached or played before taking info from a video to the field can be the tricky part.

Coaching tip: I would suggest you find a young select player, college player or a coach who can help demonstrate the skills to the kids if you have not played much. Painting a picture for the kids is one of the best ways to teach, so the kids can see and learn proper technique.

I go by this mantra when teaching kids, the quicker you can get them involved the better.

"tell me and I forget, show me and I will remember, but if you involve me then I will learn."

Thanks for checking out the video section on Coaching Kids Soccer.

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