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Soccer coaching books are a great way to constantly keep up with the ever expanding game of soccer, especially in the youth game. There are many methods and philosophies or ideas which can be used to teach youth soccer.

The best way to learn about youth soccer is to watch, read and learn from other coaches, but books can also provide lots of ideas to incorporate into practices.

I have read a lot of coaching books over the course of 20+ years of coaching and I am always on the lookout for good tips, techniques and games to add to my soccer practices.

There is a saying in coaching that says "Good coaches are like thieves they are constantly stealing ideas" to add to their philosophies and expanding their knowledge base.

What about purchasing books online? This option is a great way to pick up some very good books on youth soccer. I have listed some of the soccer coaching books below that I have found very useful over the years.

Amazon has proven to have some great resources - you can search on your own with Amazon to the right - or scroll down and look at some of my recommendations.

The whole idea is to be able to collect as many resources to challenge yourself and the kids...

The more ways you have to coach a topic the more ways you have to make the kid's soccer experience fun.

My favorite soccer coaching books

A Baffled Parents Guide to Youth Soccer

I really enjoyed this soccer coaching book by Bobby Clark! Not only is Mr. Clark very knowledgeable when it comes to soccer, being a former Scottish International Player and successful coach in the US. The book provides coaches with an overall perspective on youth soccer at the younger ages. The coach will get information on soccer skills, drills and tactics as well as how to set up a season. There are also tips and techniques on how to handle young players.

Even though I had been coaching for a while, I was able to implement some of the ideas from this book.

A Baffled Parents Guide To Coaching U6 And Under.

Got a U6 team and have never coached before? This book will give the coach some good insights into the U6 player's psychology, and how to put the fun into soccer practice and some neat soccer exercises you can play with the kids.

This soccer coaching book also provides some good tips on how to break up practices. It also advises on how to introduce soccer skills to the kids, and the importance of small sided games.

This is a good read if you coach this age group.

A Baffled Parents Guide To Indoor Soccer

I like indoor soccer because it changes up the routine for the kids and provides a different challenge. The parents don't have to take the kids to practice and the kids get a ton of touches on the soccer ball. In Texas this helps the kids improve skills and allows them to get out of the heat in the summer. It also allows them to keep a foot on the ball over Christmas break.

I have included some additional recommendations on soccer coaching books below so you will have even more resources for the kids.

Now you have plethora of information and it is time to get into the trenches. If you have never coached or played before taking info from a book to the field can be the tricky part.

Coaching tip: I would suggest you find a young select player, college player or a coach who can help demonstrate the skills to the kids. Painting a picture for the kids is one of the best ways to teach, so the kids can see and learn proper technique.

Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team

by Coach Karl Dewazian is an excellent resource for youth soccer coaches on all the ABC's of coaching from skills training, to dealing with parents, to setting up a season. To learn more about Coach Karl Click Here!

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