"Kids love to play soccer add small sided games to soccer

Coach, it is time to play small sided games. The kids had a great warm up, got some soccer skills work in and played some fun games to go along with the skills training.

It is now time to play games at the end of the practice...this is the part the kids love, getting to play.

  • The coach should have a plan prior to coming into the soccer practice as to what he or she is going to work on.
  • If your soccer practice topic is dribbling, concentrate on giving the players confidence or praise when they pull a move off in the game.
  • If the soccer practice is on the passing game then find some way to reward a good first touch or pass in the small sided game.
  • small games help players learn to play in tight spaces so when they get onto a bigger field they can handle pressure and tight spaces.

Coaching point: I like to set up a small field using cones and pug goals or cone goals. I generally like to set up the field before the soccer practice so I don't have the players standing around and watching.

Fun games

I love this version of a 4v4 game in this video.

Check out The numbers game for getting players into 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 games.

  • The coach gets the players to understand what she wants and gets them playing soccer.
  • She is controlling the ball when it goes out of bounce.
  • She is focused on what is happening in the run of play and letting the players use their moves and passes.

As you can see the players are free to play and experiment with their passes and dribbling. See how many variations of these games you can collect, so the players are constantly having to think and make decisions. This requires patience but will pay off in the long run.

Watch the pros

A great way for players and coaches to learn is to watch the pros perform...check out this video of professional players and their skill level which they play with...

You will notice the effortless way in which pros handle the soccer ball when dribbling using all four parts of the foot - sole - laces- outside - inside, cuts, step overs and v-moves -passing, juggling, shielding and shooting.

All these skills are learned at the lowest level in the most basic form and built up as the player develops and grows. This is why it is so important for our young players to improve skill and get lots of touches on the ball.

Check out the Coerver coaching program for more ideas on games and skills.

Enjoy your coaching!

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