The scissors move taught in three easy steps...

The scissors move is an oldie but goody in the world of soccer moves aka step overs. Soccer dribbling moves are important for youth players to learn for 2 reasons, comfort on the ball and 1 vs 1 moves to beat players. Soccer moves help players develop confidence especially if they can use the move to beat a player.

The move can be used to freeze a defender or beat a defender 1 vs 1. The move can be used as a single soccer move or a double soccer move. The move is best performed when a player is running at a defender, but can be used when a player is stationary and wants to buy time and keep a defender at bay.

The player dribbles with the laces, steps around the soccer ball with the left foot and touches the soccer ball with the right foot, knocking it past the defender and accelerating into space with the soccer ball under control...

Now that you have the general idea lets get into the scissors move...

How to teach the scissors move in 3 easy steps!

Coaches, the scissors move is really an easy move to teach at soccer practice. The move can be broken down into 3 simple steps.

  • The player steps around the soccer ball with the left foot - sliding it around the ball going right to left - this is done to fake out the defender. The left foot never touches the soccer ball.
  • The player takes the outside of the right foot and touches the inside of the soccer ball with the outside of the foot, with the toe pointed slightly down, going right to move the soccer ball past the defender. The kids should hit the ball hard enough with the outside of the foot to make the ball travel 3-5 yards.
  • The player then accelerates into space past the defender - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE MOVE!

The move makes it look like the attacking player is going left but ends up going right. The acceleration is the most important part as the players have a tendency to slow down thinking they have beaten the defender and the defender gets back into the picture.

Coaching point: The feet will come apart unlike the step over where the feet will cross - provided you have taught the step over move to the players.

Here is a good video on how to teach the scissors...

Scissors move in practice

The coach starts the soccer practice with fast foot work to get the kids warmed up. The coach introduces and demos the scissors move to see which players can pick up the move quickly.

The coach chooses the players that can perform the move well in order to demo the scissors move to the rest of kids.

This is a great way to show the kids that if one of their peers can master the scissors move the rest of the players can do it as well. The players go back out and work on the move while the coach watches to see if there is progress.

The players might struggle with the move. If so, the coach can use a can pa4 step process to break the move down. The players will jog in front of the soccer ball.

Example: The coach will call out the  "1"  and the  players will  do  #1 - step around the soccer ball with the left foot and hold it. The coach can see where the players need to improve and help them.

  • Step around the soccer ball with the left foot - make sure body lean is to the left and right shoulder is dipped.
  • Lift the right foot.
  • Touch the soccer ball with the outside of the right foot - toe must be pointed down - the ball should travel 3-5 yards.
  • Accelerate - most important part!!

Let the players do it without the restrictions now - free play - and see if they have improved on the move.

Exercise: Teaching attacking moves

Equipment: cones

Game:  The coach asks the players to get in groups of 3's. The players position themselves on each side of the cones. The cones are 10 yards 5 yards and 10 yards - or whatever distance is age appropriate for your team.

The players dribble at the cone in front of them, practicing the scissors move to go by the cone and accelerate into the space. This gives the players a chance to practice the move and get used to where they should make the move.

Variations: The coach takes the two middle cones out and now places one cone down, so players are closer to each other when they make the move.

The second variation:  The coach takes the middle cone out so the players run straight at each other. This is where you see if the players are making the moves in the right space and time.

Double and reverse soccer moves

The double move requires the player to step around the ball twice or more.

  • The player begins with the right foot, and repeats it with the left foot.
  • The player then touches the ball with the outside of the right foot and accelerates into the space with the soccer ball.

Variation: The player can also do this move the opposite direction stepping left then right.

The reverse scissors move requires the player to go inside instead of outside when taking the final touch.

  • The player steps around the soccer ball with the left foot.
  • The player then touches the soccer ball with the inside of the right instead of the outside of the right foot.
  • The player pushes the soccer ball to the defender's right and accelerates past the defender.

Great change of pace move to cross up the defender.

Watch the pros do it

Small sided games

Small sided games can be played in a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 format. Coaches can take the move we have just worked on and give the players points if they pull the move off...

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