Are you Frustrated watching
your young player or group
struggling with a lack of
confidence? Or, you have
a good player that has
just hit a plateau or
their progress
is slow?"

"Trainers at CKS have coached recreational and select soccer players facing all these issues. We will provide an honest evaluation on where your player or groups need to improve. Use our proven methods to help your young players polish skills they already use and add new skills to their game that they can take to training and games with confidence.”


I am Chris Brown – Owner/Trainer of Coaching Kids Soccer private training.

If you are like most soccer parents that I know they have all had the experience of seeing young players hitting a plateau, seeing a player or group low in confidence or have been around a young player or group that is having trouble in games.


On a positive note, you might just have a player that is doing very well. He or she loves to train and play soccer and wants to perfect skills and play at a high level?

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The key to soccer is how good a player becomes with the soccer ball. The more the player touches the soccer ball the better he or she becomes. The young players will build more confidence and enjoy game day a lot more after working with the soccer ball to improve their soccer skills just like any ...


Basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, swimming, tennis, soccer skills can be taught and improved in a private training program.

Your young players skills will improve practicing in a system that helps players get more touches on the soccer ball, provides quality instruction on how to apply their skills against opponents as well as teaching players how to self train.

The young player’s or group's confidence will grow based of hard work, becoming comfortable on the soccer ball and the encouragement and honest feedback he or she receives from the trainer. Coaching Kids Soccer can create a program for the player or group after evaluating their skill level.

The trainer will set up small challenges like mastering moves, juggling or ball striking that the player can also practice at home.

The combination of being encouraged to work on their own and the challenges of working with CKS trainers, helps player development and builds confidence so players can take their soccer skills to training and games. So, why invest your time training...

with CKS trainers?

I am Chris Brown I have been working in the soccer industry for 20+ years now as either a club coach, private soccer trainer and ODP coach. I have worked with all the age groups and genders as well as kids in recreational, select and academy soccer. Soccer training is my passion - I have put together this program along with my staff to help young players reach their potential as soccer players...

The CKS trainers will guide young players in learning the skills that will make them better soccer players for the experience.

"The players brings the right attitude and enthusiasm and we provide the training and extra motivation." 

The trainers will use state of the art exercises (we are always studying the latest youth soccer training methods), repetition, good instruction (how to and why), making practice fun as well as teaching players how to self train. This combination will help the players build the confidence to use their skills in practice and games. CKS believes that...

Experience counts…

A player or group working with a coach that has played and coached the game can relate to players or a group going through the learning process of honing current skills, adding new ones and learning to transfer their skills to a game. 

This helps players build confidence and enjoy the game. This also helps parents who have…

Never played soccer before!

Parents who have kids involved in the game but have never played soccer benefit from watching and learning at training.

Parents will learn what is involved in soccer training and games and help provide encouragement for their young players. CKS will provide a guide they can use to educate themselves on the rules, how players are developed and cheer their kid on with confidence.

Maybe your club coach has…

Recommended private training!

The trainers at CKS will take any feedback for training from your club coach to use to enhance current skills, build new skills and teach your player how to self train and build confidence for training and games.

Your coach will be proud of watching a player that really uses these skills in training and games.

If you don’t have a coach that is providing feedback the goal is to maximize each session so the players become comfortable with the soccer ball through repetition and getting feed-back after logging some training time under their belts.

We believe…

“Our habits make us and we make our habits”

At CKS the trainer will strive to teach good technique. This mantra is in place to help reinforce a player’s understanding of how to use good technique, and the details that go along with how the skill work establishes better habits.

If a player’s habits and foundation are solid they will have fewer break downs in games. This is a huge part of soccer training and we strive to help players understand the importance of self training.

The training at CKS is all about teaching players how to build confidence to play the game of soccer.

Players build confidence through “doing” and then praise as reinforcement I.E. good instruction, hard work and repetition and applying what has been learned by taking the skills to training and games.

This really helps when trying to…

Turn technique into skill!

Individual players can learn technique, but the player must apply the technique to an opponent to make the technique skill.

Example, learning a dribbling move with no pressure is technique and using a move on a defender or defending an attacker trying to use a move helps the player turn technique into skill.  

So, how do we add pressure to turn technique into skill?

Small sided games!

At CKS in our group training and classes we believe one of the most important ways of training besides techniques is learning to make decisions in small sided games.

Small sided games provide an opportunity for players to take a touch followed by a decisions to dribble, pass or shoot.

Small sided games like 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 are a favorite of young players – kids love small sided scrimmages but they like...

Shooting even more!!

CKS puts a high emphasis on striking the soccer ball in our sessions and shooting classes. The trainer will teach the players how to use the laces or instep to strike the soccer ball cleanly.

Once the players get the basic shot down they can concentrate on all aspects of finishing like using the inside, outside of the foot along with volleys and half volleys.

This is the part of soccer the players enjoy most. The players take a lot of pride seeing if they can hit the back of the net.

So, how do we  coach different levels of  players?  Lets  start with...

Advanced players!

CKS will work with advanced players (club, high school players or college bound players) to create an “edge” or help the player take the next step if they have hit a plateau.

Players can develop or fall into bad habits if they ignore the technical side of their game.

The goal at CKS is to help the player find and edge with small challenges to their technique or game so they are rewarded with better play in their games.

"The player brings the enthusiasm and attitude and we provide the training and some motivation!"

But, advanced players are not the only players playing the game. There are young players that play...

Recreational soccer!

Players who play recreational soccer or at the lower select level who want to improve soccer skills can work with the CKS trainers to refine current skills with quality instruction, touches on the ball and adding new skills to their game.

The goal is to help these players improve so they can take their game and new found skills and confidence to the soccer field or a higher level if they so choose. We strive to help these young players  how to train, build skills and apply those skills to the game.

So how do coaches get feed-back?

Game analysis...

The trainers at CKS will help players develop through analyzing players on site and in any video that is presented to the staff or coach as well as any parent feedback.

CKS provides a service where trainer will come and watch a game and follow up with a detailed analysis on game play if requested. So what now, what...

do parents do from here?

CKS offers the following programs that will help players develop individually, in small groups or training as a team.

The kids will work on...

  • Dribbling and turning
  • Passing and receiving
  • Shielding
  • Ball control - trapping the soccer ball out of the air
  • Juggling -foot - thigh - head

as well as...

  • Heading
  • Volleys
  • Ball striking 

If they are further enough along in their development they can pick certain skills to perfect or a combinations of these skills!

Choose a program that benefits your young player, individual, group or bring their team.

We offer the following...

Individual lessons...

CKS offers individual soccer training packages which are designed to help players train and improve in 1v1 settings with an experienced trainer in hour long sessions.

The trainer can guide, teach, and motivate young soccer players so they can take their new found confidence into the practice or games.

I have several kids or a team that wants to train…

Group lessons...

CKS provides group hour long sessions (2-4 players) with a top trainer that knows how to work with multiple players to build individual technique and small teach in sided game formats like 1v1, 2v2.

Players improve individually and in small sided-games. This combination help players go to practice with improved skills and decision making skills.

Does your team need help? Choose ...

Team training

Do you have a team that needs skills training? We will provide a trainer for an hour long session that will work with the group to build skills and teach in small sided tactics and games.

Your players can take their training to soccer practice and games with confidence.

Are your players struggling with fitness or coming off an injury? Work on their


Attend a CKS speed and agility class to work  on increasing quickness, speed and helping develop the core, make the players feet faster so they can make their moves to fake out defenders and use the core to explode into space.

If you are a defender become explosive enough  to close down the opposition much faster. Players will love the added benefit of feeling quicker and more explosive in training and games. 

I am getting ready for..

ODP, ECNL, Premier league, Academy, College pre season, College ID camps or High school soccer!

The trainers at CKS will use a combination of soccer skills and fitness equipment, ladders, bands and core work to help players achieve a higher level of fitness and skill for this level of soccer.

The players will naturally increase their fitness levels when their skill level improves – how does this work?

The more proficient a player is with the soccer ball the more repetition a player can practice at a higher speed which makes the work outs that much more intense.

Once players can combine this level of skill and fitness they will achieve a high level of soccer .

So how do you…

Invest in soccer lessons?

In short, take advantage of individual skills training, group or team training, classes or a membership package to receive the benefits of watching an improved soccer player or group of players in practice and games after training with CKS.

Reserve now and register through our very user friendly calendar!!

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  • We also take credit cards, checks and cash at the time of training.

~Announcement ~ Very Exciting news from Coaching Kids Soccer! We will be moving into our very own private training facility on June 1st here in Round Rock.

Please book any future private sessions, classes or camps through our new website @ 1A Soccer

Once again thanks for checking out CKS if you have any additional questions you can reach Chris Brown @ 512-466-8058. We look forward to working with you and your player.

P.S. Still not sure? Come in and watch or try a session on us, see how CKS trainers work and relate to players. Please call ahead so we can organize a trainer and session for you to watch or participate in...

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CKS Accolades

Congratulations to Courtney Powers for accepting an offer to play college soccer at UT Tyler - All the hard work, sweat, touches on the ball and grit you have displayed has paid off. Proud of you Court!

Congratulations to Bailey Aleman committing to the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. She has put the work into making herself a better player. Well done - hard work has paid off - proud of you Bailey.

Congrats to Jared Salisbury for accepting an offer to play at  University of Colorado Springs.

Congratulations to Mierya Del Abra for accepting an offer for Texas Southern - very proud of you! All the hard work has paid off.