What skills and games are involved in teaching possession soccer?

Possession soccer is teaching young players how to control the soccer ball, pass and dribble with a purpose, which is to go forward and play attacking soccer.

There is nothing like seeing a team attack with a combination of great first touches, good passes and dribbling. Here are a few of the soccer skills that are involved in teaching young players to pass the soccer ball...

  • Good soccer passing technique.
  • Learning to dribble the soccer ball so players can beat defenders 1 on 1, dribble the soccer ball into space effectively and go to goal.
  • Learning how to turn the soccer ball different soccer turns.
  • Developing a great first touch or good receiving technique to keep the soccer ball.
  • Ball control is controlling the soccer ball out of the air with the purpose of getting the ball down on the ground, so the players can dribble or pass.

These skills are very important for the players to have any success in passing and controlling the soccer ball to keep possession and go forward. So, how does the coach break down and teach all these or break down the topics for the kids in a fun way? See below!

How to run a possession practice?

How do we get a first class warm up going?

I like to start with a fun passing game, turns or ball control like passing and receiving then move into a 3v1, 5v2 or some form of passing exercise.

The coach must adjust the games to the level of the age group or experience level of players to learn possession soccer.

Here are a couple of examples of warm up soccer exercises below...

Fix it passing game

Age group: U8 - U12

Game: Passing the soccer ball.

Equipment: ball and scrimmage vests.

Game: Fix it - two lines of players facing each other - one ball - the players pass the ball and move to the other line.

When the players hit a bad pass they scream fix it and the lines of players have to readjust their position based on where the ball went quickly.

Coaching point: The player that plays a bad pass must leave it for the other line to fix...

Races - if you have two groups they can compete against each other - which team gets the least amount of "fix its" in 2 minutes.

5vs2 keep away

Age group: U6- U12

Game: Passing the soccer ball.

Equipment: ball, scrimmage vests, cones

Here is an example of how 5v2 works with 3v1 being just a smaller version of 5v2. My suggestion is that younger kids start out with 3v1 and progress to 5v2 as they get better at passing the soccer ball under limited pressure.

Watch this video for some good tips on how to coach 5v2 games.

Once the players have gone through some basic passing exercises then we can move to a fun passing game like Battle ships or bowling which younger kids love to play.

I have included some more examples of fun practice games where the coach can teach young players soccer possession concepts.

Play fun passing games

Depending on the age group the coach will have to adjust the game to the players that are coaching. Here are some possession soccer games that you can play with your kids...

These games are a kid favorite because the games add a level of competition to the practice. The kids have to work on being technically sound in their passes. The defenders score points as well so they have some incentive to play hard.

Coaching tip: Each game has the basic principals of soccer like good passes, communication, angles of support and dribbling for possession.

Once the players have finished working on possession play Small sided games. The emphasis should be put on passing the soccer ball.

Enjoy your coaching!

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