"How to set up and help players
with good player evaluations"

Helping young players through player evaluations improve is my #1 concern when coaching young teams. I like to look at the potential of the player and encourage that potential rather than what they are currently as a player. All players can improve if encouraged properly.

Evaluations are a great way to encourage this potential and get the players working on the individual Soccer skills or game that the player needs to learn to go to the next level. Evaluations can be used for camps, teams, private sessions, coaches.

Get a copy of a good evaluation, right click here for the pdf file.

Player evaluations time

In my opinion the best time to give a player evaluations is when they are about to finish a season, prior to the kids heading to try outs or when they are already playing at a higher level.

  • Parents and players should know the evaluation is coming.
  • If you just throw it at them it can be very stressful for the young player.
  • If the team has had a tough season the coach really needs to prepare because this can be tough on the coach if he or she is not ready.
  • If you have a very successful team you might be dealing with some very happy players and some of the players on the fringes of the team might struggle with an evaluation.
  • One other aspect that parents and players need to understand is that if the evaluation is done in written form the progress of the player is not set in stone, and can change with improvement or lack of improvement or attitude towards the sport.

Be honest and evaluations go smoothly...

Player evaluation process

When setting up evaluations...

  • The parents will sign up in ten minute increments via email or on paper and we will schedule a time for the players to sit down.
  • I like to have kids play a game at practice while I sit with each individual player and parent.
  • I call the players and parents out one at a time and run through their strengths and weaknesses.

I can generally get through with evals in two practices...

How to evaluate a soccer player?

The four phases of a soccer game are...

  • Technical - soccer skills.
  • Tactical - How to play small sided soccer
  • Psychology - How the players handle the game, team mates, coach and position.
  • Fitness - Does the player have the endurance to last the duration of the game.

When we work with young players the fitness component always comes last because the kids will get fit playing small sided games and working with the ball. At the older ages the players will add running components and fitness work into their training.

My aim with the player evaluation is to get the kids to understand what they have to do not only when they come to practice but when they are away from practice on their own...the motivated players practice on their own, play indoor, futsal or yard ball to make themselves better.

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