"Passing vs dribbling"

Passing vs dribbling?

This is a topic that seems to come up every season. I hear coaches trying to drum passing and tactics into young players. I start the other way because there are way more fun games for little guys when teaching dribbling first.

See why and when you might coach kids to pass the soccer ball and share your opinion with us.

I start out by coaching dribbling for these reasons...

  • Younger or inexperienced players are still becoming aware of space and their team mates.
  • They run straight to the soccer ball with little understanding of how to spread out and support team mates.
  • They dribble straight into trouble or kick at it with a toe.

I love seeing young players dribbling down the field, taking players on, going to goal and scoring...the kids love it as well!

Teaching dribbling first...

  • Helps the kids figure out where space is and how to get away from defenders.
  • Teaching players how to use the 4 parts of the foot shows them how to navigate tight spaces with the sole, inside and the outside of the foot or using the laces to dribble into space.
  • Once the players have developed some good dribbling skills they will start to spread out naturally so passing concepts can be taught.

I do teach the players passing technique as we go along so the players naturally start getting their heads up and seeing the passes...they are comfortable with the soccer ball.

The little soccer touches that players learn and become comfortable with will help the kids down the line, which means having fun and staying in the game of soccer.

Adding in passing...

  • Once the players have mastered basic dribbling the - learned a few moves like step overs or scissors the coach can introduce basic passing technique.
  • The players have learned how to spread out a little bit better or get out of the way when a team mate is dribbling - this also creates passing angles.
  • The players can introduce basic passing technique or small sided games.

Once the players can dribble the soccer ball - go 1v1 against defenders, combining this with good passes the coach will have more complete soccer players - this does require some patience.

Know you have the reasons why Passing vs dribbling should always start with dribbling.

What would you teach first - passing or dribbling?

What is your opinion? Throw in your two cents with comments, opinions and suggestions - lets see what the consenus is??

I reserve the right to approve all the submissions before they are posted below.


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