"Teaching soccer passing in a
fun passing practice format"

Inside of the foot passing

Passing practice can be very boring for the kids so I like to put the kids into fun, competitions. The kids get more out of the games and they learn faster.

Equipment: Players in pairs with one ball, 2 cones for each player.

Warm up:

Players play two touch...up on their toes and moving their feet when the ball is passed.

  • Toe up, heel down, ankle locked.
  • Plant foot next to the ball.
Good receiving technique is...

  • Toe up, heel down and ankle locked...don't wait till the ball gets to the foot.
  • Prepare the foot early, avoid getting the ball stuck between the feet.

Teach your players good passing technique and watch them pass through and around the other team.

Two touch passing

Play this fun passing game in your soccer practice...

  • The players have the two cones 5yds apart - like a gate.
  • The Players stand 5 yards on either side of the gate.
  • Play two touch - see how many clean passes the players can play through the gate - 1 min game.
  • I like to bring them in and add up the score so pairs compete against other pairs.

Great game to teach technique and move the kids closer to one touch passing.

One touch passing

Challenge the players with one touch passing.

  • The players practice without the cones playing one touch.
  • When playing one touch the player really has to prepare the foot before the ball gets there, otherwise the ball will spin off or bounce away.
  • The players now go back to the gates and play one touch through the gates.
  • The players take the highest point total they get.

Once again, the pairs compete against each other...

Outside of the foot pass

The coach will need one cone and a ball...

  1. The plant foot does not need to be next to the ball and the player uses the side of kicking foot.
  2. The kicking foot should make contact on the side of the ball.
  3. The players stand 5 - 10 yards on each side of the cones. Player "A" tries to bend the ball round the cone to player "B".

An easy way to get players bending the ball in passing practice..

Passing practice

Warm up: 2 lines facing each other passing the ball and moving to the next line...get a good rhythm - Toe up, heel down and ankle locked!!

Game: Play 3v1 keep away.

Peg the Flag

  • The coach makes a square with flags or cones 10 by 10 depending on the age of the players...If the coach use cones put a ball on top of each cone unless they are stand up cones!
  • The object of the game is to knock a ball off the cone with a pass or hit the flag. Every time a player knocks the ball off the cone they get a point.


  • The players cannot attack the same cone twice in a row.
  • The players play anywhere in the square or outside the square.
  • Play 5 min games with younger players, 8-15 min games with older players.
  • I like to play a mini tournament and have teams compete against each other. So, set up several grids.

Coaching points for Peg The Flag...

  • The players should look to change direction and go for the open cone if other cones are blocked.
  • The players should chase down balls that get away from the grid with the other players looking to support the soccer ball.
  • The players should look for the open player in the square with a pass.
  • The players should attack and dribble into space quickly.

The coach can adjust this game to any age group by tweaking the space for this passing practice.

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