"How to coach players to
use the outside foot

Outside foot touch

The outside foot touch is a simple touch to create time if the player is under pressure from an opponent. A very useful skill if the player wants  to move the soccer ball into space or make the next pass. This skill is the difference between keeping the soccer ball and losing the soccer ball.

This is a great touch for...

  • Changing the point of attack.
  • Taking a touch to get away from the defender.
  • Moving the soccer ball into space.

Why is a player's first touch so important? If a player can't control the soccer ball on the first touch they are going to struggle to make decisions on when to dribble and when to pass the soccer ball.

How the teach the skill

When teaching this skill...

  • The player has to get the foot prepared quickly toe up - heel down - ankle locked.
  • The player brings the kicking foot slightly across the plant foot - toe up - heel down - ankle locked. The key here is the toe is raised slightly.
  • The player can also start side on if they have a hard time getting the foot across the body.
  • As the ball nears the foot the player sweeps the kicking foot across the middle of the ball into the direction the player wants to go.
  • The key is to prepare the foot early - if the player waits for the ball to get very close the ball can spin off or the touch will be poor.

Great for taking a touch away from pressure of an opponent.

How to teach the skill in the game

Coach puts players into pairs...

  • Player "A" goes down on a knee with the ball.
  • Player "B" in front of player "A". Player "A" rolls the ball to player "B's" left foot.
  • Player "B" uses the outside of the right foot to touch the ball across the body and passes the ball back to player "A".
  • The server rolls it to the right foot and the player repeats it on the other side.

Coaching points:

The player should always be on their toes, be aware of the foot that is being used - ball rolls to right foot use left foot and visa versa. It cannot be stressed enough that the player must prepare the foot early. The trick is to get the foot across the body so the sweep or touch works.

Learn more on how to teach the inside foot touch, and turn in the other direction...

Enjoy your coaching!

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