"How to teach players to
use the outside foot

Outside foot touch

The outside foot sweep teaches players how to use the outside of the foot to take a ball out of the air with no bounces.

The benefit to this skill is the player...

  • Keeps the ball moving.
  • Shields the ball away from the defender.
  • Helps the player get into space faster and away from pressure of a defender.

Learn to use the inside foot sweep to go the other way.

Teaching the outside foot touch

The players have to have good technique, toe up - heel down - ankle locked.

  • As the ball is approaching the ground the player has to prepare the foot before the ball gets there.
  • The player will take the kicking foot and bring it across to the non kicking side with the toe up - heel down - ankle locked.
  • The player has to time the trap - as the ball hits the ground the player uses the outside foot to sweep the ball into the direction he or she wants to go.

Coaching point:

The ball should skim across the ground slightly and not be taken out of the air so it bounces.

Soccer practice

Start the practice with...

  • Each player with a soccer ball - play a 30 second game.
  • The player tosses the ball into the air slightly and as the ball comes down the player will use the sweep to control the ball.
  • The players now play a 1 minute game to see how many they can get in a minute.

The outside touch is such a great move for taking the ball out of the air and protecting the soccer ball from a defender.

The coach can combine the soccer practice with other sweeps like the sole of the foot and the inside of the foot.


The players will practice the touches individually and then combine the moves.

Game: The players can use all three sweeps, but they must use a different sweep each time i.e. inside - outside - sole or a different combination.

1 min game: How many sweeps can they get in a minute.

1 min game: The player performs a trap and once they have the soccer ball under control they dribble off and perform a move like a step over or scissors move.

A Quick video on how the skills works...

Enjoy your coaching!

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