"How to use mini soccer games
to help kid soccer players
develop skill"

Mini soccer games are just small sided games that promote...

  1. Dribbling, shooting and passing the soccer ball.
  2. Ball control followed by a dribble or a pass.
  3. Frequent 1 on 1 soccer attacking and defending situations.

How do we set up mini games and/or small sided games?

  • U6 - 15 x 20 yard training field.
  • U9 - 20 x 30 yard training field.
  • U10 - 30 x 40 yard training fields.

Are great for maximizing...

  • Ball touches.
  • Playing time - does not turn into a fitness exercise.
  • Having fun

Check out all the mini soccer games below - your kids will appreciate the fun you bring to practice.


Age group: U6

Game: Bingo passing and dribbling game.

Equipment: cones

Game: The coach throws down cones in the grid - 20x30.

  • Two - three players are designated "replacers" and the rest of players have a soccer ball.
  • The players with a ball try to knock down cones with a pass. When a cone gets knocked down the players scream "Bingo". 
  • The "replacers" try to put cones back up as fast as possible.

Who can score the most "Bingos" win in this fun mini soccer game.

Every man for himself

Age group: U6

Equipment: Cones

Game: Passing and scoring - Coach sets down four cone goals. There are half as many balls as players.

  • Each player tries win a ball and score a goal by passing the soccer ball through the cones.
  • Which players can score the most goals in 3 minutes.
  • After a player scores a goal they must find a free ball and score in another goal

The kids will have a blast chasing the soccer ball around.

Hunters and rabbits

Age group: U6

Equipment: soccer balls

Game: Passing and dribbling - The coach - in yellow - keeps extra soccer balls with him or her.

  • The hunters - red - each have a soccer ball.
  • The Rabbits - blue - spread out all over the field.
  • The hunters try and peg the rabbits with the soccer ball below the knee.
  • If a rabbit gets pegged they go and get a ball from the coach and become a hunter.

The players love competing in this game...

Clean up your field

Age group: U6

Equipment: soccer balls

Game: shooting game grid - 20 x 30 - A center line now divides the field in half. The coach has half as many balls as players.

  • Each team tries to keep their side of the field clean and free of soccer balls by shooting the soccer ball to the other side of the grid.
  • The coach will stop the game and count the balls. The team with fewest balls gets a point.

Mini soccer games will bring out the fun and the learning when taken to soccer practice.

Body part dribble

Age group: U6

Game: dribbling and coordination game.

Equipment: cones

Game: The coach sets up a grid 20x30

  •  Players all have a ball and dribble around the square.
  • The coach calls out a body part and the kids try and stop the soccer ball with that body part i.e. right knee!
  • The players are not allowed to use their hands - get caught they have to do a funky exercises.

The players will have a blast playing these mini soccer games.

Shark pool

Age group: U6

Game: dribbling and coordination game.

Equipment: cones

Game: The coach sets up a grid 20x30

Game: Coach sets up a 20x30 yard grid with two end lines.

  •  The players are split into two teams.
  • Team "A" are sharks and team "B" are minnows.
  • The sharks sit down on their back sides or stand in the middle of the field and try to stop the minnows from crossing the shark pool by grabbing their soccer balls.
  • The minnows become sharks if they lose their ball to a shark.
  • The minnow gets a point if they make it across the shark pool.

Great game for soccer dribbling - teaching the players how to beat defenders and get into space.




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