How to learn the lunge
move in 3 easy steps...

The lunge move is a great move for a couple of reasons.

  • Using the fake to get defenders off balance to set up a dribble, pass or shot.
  • Setting up a shot off the 1 on 1 move.

The move allows the attacking player to really fake the defender, get them off balance and accelerate into the space.

How does the move work?

The move is not difficult but the players need to get the timing down.

  • As the player is dribbling he or she steps onto the left foot or right foot to get the defender off balance.
  • The player then uses the outside of the opposite foot to touch the ball into the space behind the defender.
  • The player must keep the toe down and hit the ball with the outside of the kicking foot at an angle.

The most important thing the players needs to remember is to really step and fake to get the defender off balance.

How to break down the move...

The coach demonstrates the move for the players so they see the move done correctly. Let the players go out and practice for thirty seconds or a minute.

If the players are struggling to get the it down break the it down into steps for the players.

  • Step with the left or right foot.
  • Bring the kicking foot next to the soccer ball.
  • The player points the toe down and slightly inward
  • The ball should travel past the defender at an angle.
  • The player should accelerate once the player has touched the ball past the defender.
  • Once the player has accelerated they can line the ball up for a shot or keep dribbling.

The coach will run into the following coaching points when practicing the move.

  • The player must exaggerate the fake to get the defender off balance.
  • Pushing the soccer ball at an angle (slightly forward) past the defender not going sideways.
  • The player should accelerate past the defender. Kids have a tendency to slow down.

The players will gain great confidence in beating defenders.

How do we teach the move?

The move is great when practiced in shooting practice as the move helps set up good shots.

The coaches get the players warmed up by playing a fun tag game. After the players are warmed up start working on the moves...

  • Juggling the soccer ball.
  • Step over, v-move and the lunge move.

Once the players are warmed up and have the moves down the coach can run a shooting exercise preferably one with 1 on 1 soccer moves to teach players how to use the moves. Teach kids how to play the Striker - Goalkeeper game in soccer practice.

The coach can then move into playing 3v3 or 4v4 games so the players can try out the moves in a small sided game.

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