"Line games help players
turn on their soccer

Line games help players to learn how to approach and attack defenders and the goal. The more we can have creative players that can turn their soccer brains on and solve soccer problems the better.

So, how do we go about teaching these games to the kids?

An easy way to teach players how to play attacking soccer is through games where they have to think.

There are many variations of the game that coaches can use to teach players how to attack such as...

  • Stop it on the line - approach play.
  • Score a goal or stop it on the line - approach and score.
  • Players score by knocking over a cone - approach and score.

The players will have to solve the challenges of each game.

Stop it on the line

Age: U9-U12

Equipment: Cones, scrimmage vests.

Field: U9's - 15x20, U10's - 20x25, U12 - 30x35

The coach can also adjust the field if it is to easy for the kids by reducing the space.

  • The coach will set up a field using cones if he or she does not have lines. The players will play a 4v4, 5v5 or a 6v6 game.
  • The game is very simple try and score by stopping the soccer ball on the line.
  • The player must have a clean stop using the sole of the foot - a ball stopped or that goes past the line or prior to line goal does not count.
  • When the ball goes out on the side the kids take a kick in.

The rules are really simple and easy for the kids.

Coaching points:The coaching points are very simple for these games...

  • Take space when the player has the ball - dribble if there is space.
  • When the players are attacking an area that is really crowded the players should look to find another way round with a pass or a dribble.
  • When we lose the soccer ball defend like crazy.

I like to play a mini tournament and coach between the games.

Add a goal

The players score a goal by...

  • Dribbling the ball into the soccer goal.
  • The players get points by stopping the ball on the line.
  • The players can also get points by using a 1 on 1 soccer move.
  • The kids all get to experience success and have a chance to score points by having many ways to score goals.

The kids will have a blast coming up with their own ways to score goals...

Knock over the cones

This is an easy game to set up...

  • The coach lines cones up along the end line on each side of the field.
  • The players knock a cone down with a pass.
  • The player will pick the cone up and run it back to their side of the field.
  • The players will play 3vs3, 4vs4 or 5vs5 depending on the age group.
  • The team that has the most cones at the end of time wins the game.

The kids will have a blast trying to get the cones back on their side.

Coaching points:

There are 3 major coaching points...

  • The players will attack cones with defenders on the cone - teach them how to attack open spaces and cones.
  • Angles of support
  • How to get back and defend when the team loses possession soccer ball.

Just a few fun attacking line games that kids love to play. Check out small sided games

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