How to use juggling games to
motivate kids to juggle the

The coach can introduce more juggling games once the players are fairly proficient at their juggling with their feet, thighs and head. This is a great way to start motivating the players to try and take it to the next level. I like to relate juggling to a video game - the kids should try and move up the different levels.

I always ask them "what is your favorite video game?" Juggling is the same thing - moving up the levels until the players become more comfortable with the soccer ball.

Are the kids just learning to juggle? Click here and check out basic juggling to learn more.

Juggling games

The kids have a lot of fun with the juggling test like the four minute juggle off. This is also a great way for the coach to measure the skill level of the players.

To start foot juggling...

  • The players juggle with their feet only for a minute.
  • If the ball hits the ground the players can pick the ball up and continue to juggle.
  • The players keep score - every juggle they get they get a point for - if the ball does hit the ground they can pick it up and keep the game going.

Scoring: If the player gets 3 juggles and the ball hits the ground they can pick it up and keep going four, five , six...

Encourage the players to use good technique when they are using the foot to juggle the soccer ball - toe out - ankle locked so the ball hits the sweet spot.

Juggling games - thighs

Start the game thigh juggling...

  • The players will juggle on their thighs for a minute.
  • The same rules apply if the ball hits the ground the players will pick up and keep the count going.
  • The players will add what they have done with the feet and thighs together - just keep the count going!

Good technique is when the soccer ball hits the thigh and not the knee - the knee will cause the ball to bounce away.

Juggling games - head

To Start head juggling...

  • The players juggle with their head now to see how many juggles the kids can get.
  • Good technique is knees bent slightly, mouth closed and eyes open...the ball must hit the forehead and not the top of the head.

I always show the kids the difference because the ball hitting the top of the head really looks "goofy" and they get a big laugh out of it!!

Combination juggle - foot, thigh and head

The players can juggle with anything they want foot, thigh or head in the last game.

You have laid a foundation for the players by doing each of the other juggling skills separately. They will add to this total as they progress.

Coaching tip:

It can be quite easy for the some players to embellish a little but the coach will be able to tell who has been genuine based on the skill level.

Bring the scores to coach: I now have the kids come in and give me their scores so we can measure where the players are at this particular time.

Testing: I will come back two weeks later and see where the players are numbers wise and see if we have made progress. You can also tell at game time because you will see the touches improving in the soccer games.

Watch the pros do it

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