How to teach juggling exercises
in an easy to learn

These juggling exercises will provide a challenge the players love. This is also an easy way to teach kids how to juggle the soccer ball. The U9 - U10 age group can handle some of these challenges.

A quick recap as to why we juggle.

  1. Touch
  2. Balance
  3. Concentration

The players will learn these skills over the coarse of a season and the coach can use different variations to either start practice or break up the practice.

Start the juggling out with kick bounce exercises.

The players should now know how to do a few juggles with their feet by this point.

To get the players going...

  • The player kicks the ball up and lets it bounce and repeats the skill.
  • Kick - bounce is an easy way to teach juggling with the feet.
  • The player keeps the ankle locked and toe pointed.
  • The player should get the foot under the ball, so the ball lands on the sweet spot on the foot and pops straight up into the players hands.
  • The players particiapte in several rounds and see who your winners are after every minute.


If the players can eventually do 30 - 40 kick bounces in a minute, they are on their way to being able to start trying 2 juggles in a row and a bounce. The coach just keeps building on this concept - ex, 3 juggles and a bounce.

This will happen over a period of time so be patient while the kids are getting the skills down.

Foot - thigh - catch.

The player plays the ball up with the foot - traps on the thigh -catches the ball with the hands.


Good technique is ankle locked, toe pointed - ball must go straight up.


The thigh should be slightly raised, the ball should pop slightly up so the player can catch the ball.


How many kick - thigh - catches can the players get in a minute? The coach can have the variations like kick - bounce for a minute then kick - thigh - catch for a minute.

Coaching tip:

If the players have their hands to close I don't let them count the point. The ball must pop up so the coach can see the ball. The players must not trap the ball with their hands.


When the players get good see if they can take their hands away and jut do kick - thigh repeatedly with no catch.

Kick - head - catch.

The player plays the ball up with the foot, heads the ball and catches the ball.


Kicking technique - ankle locked and toe out, header should be small and then a catch.


One minute game see how many kick - head - catches the players can get.

Kick - head - thigh - catch.

The players kick the ball up - small header - thigh - foot - catch.


Kicking technique - ankle locked and toe out, header should be small, touch on the thigh should pop up to make the foot touch easy.


The players try and get as many in 1 minute as possible.

These skills will be built up over half a season or so to get the kids used to doing the juggling exercises. Once the players can do kick - head - thigh - foot - catch several times in a row then they are starting to make strides.

Add a chest trap into the game.

The players throw the ball up and chest the ball - catch for 30 seconds.


The players should have a wide base - feet apart - up on the toes, pop the ball up off the chest so they have time to recover to perform the next skill.


The players now see if they can add the chest trap into kick - head - catch so it becomes kick - head - chest - catch.

Have fun challenging your players with these juggling exercises.

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