How to teach kids to hit an instep drive or shot in youth soccer.

How can players use the instep drive on the field? The shot can be used for shooting on goal, clearing balls and driving balls over distance.

The most important thing that young players can develop is good technique and this leads to power.

Kids having an issue shooting? Click here... The players coach can use these instep exercises to teach players how to strike the ball properly.

The exercises also apply to balls on the ground, hitting volleys out of the air and using the instep to juggle.

Teach ball striking with instep work...

Get the players using the instep by having them...

  • Sit on their backsides.
  • Raise knees, slide feet out slightly while leaning forward.
  • Hold the ball in his or her hand and drop the ball down onto the instep.
  • Play the ball back to his or her hands...
  • Start with the strong foot and then move to the weaker foot.

Coaching point: Good technique - toe pointed and ankle should be locked. The coach can go around and check the ankle and see if the players have the ankle locked. The coach will see 1 of 3 things happen to the ball.

  • The ball will spin back over the players heads means the toe came up.
  • The ball bounces away from the player means the toe was pointed too far down or sideways or the ball hit the very end of the toe.
  • Go straight up which means the player hit the sweet spot and the toe was pointed out, success! The player is on the way to learning where to hit the ball for a good instep drive.

Coaching point: The coach can help the players to self train and correct themselves by pointing out these small coaching points...the kids can then correct themselves.

Learn how to hit a nice instep drive in these fun games...

The basic format for these games is...

  • The players will Sit on their backsides.
  • The players will drop the ball down onto the instep.
  • The players will pop the ball up with instep on right foot or left foot depending on what foot the player is working on.
  • The player will catch the ball and repeat.

This game really emphasizes where the sweet spot on the foot.

#1)Right foot - left foot

The game starts with the kids playing this fun game...

In 1 min how many can you get on the right foot - move to left foot and see how many you can get in a minute.

Variation: Now have the kids attempt right then left and catch or left then right - practice.

#2)Left and right foot

The game starts with the kids...

Working to get as many combinations of left and right catch or right and left catch in 1 min.

Variation: See how many the players can do in a row without the ball hitting the ground. The players can use left or right foot.

#3)How many can they get ?

See how many they can get in 1 min...start at zero if ball hits the ground. Take highest average!

The fun game starts...

Kids love it!! The players play the ball into the air and try to jump off their backsides and onto their feet and catch the ball. If they hit the ball correctly with the instep it should provide enough time to get up and catch the soccer ball.

Variation: The players partner up in pairs. One player sits on the ground on his or her backside, sitting in the same posture as the exercises above. The second player stands in front of the player with the ball in hands...

#4)Work with a partner

The player drops the ball down and the player on the ground uses the right instep to knock the ball back to the serving players hands. When the serving player can catch the ball the pair gets a point then use left foot for a minute.

Coaching point: Make sure the player drops the ball down and does not throw the ball.

Variation: All the players stand in pairs. The player with the ball serves the ball underhanded and the partner volleys the ball back with the instep.

Juggling with the instep

These are neat games for perfecting juggling...

  • Juggle - bounce.
  • Two juggles - one bounce.
  • Increase juggles and between bounces.
  • Take the bounce out.

The coach can play 1 min games here or just have the kids do the exercises.The players just got anywhere from 100 - 500 touches on the instep which is great instep work. The coach can now move to a shooting exercise working on the instep drive.

Enjoy your coaching!

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