"Using the inside foot sweep
to control the soccer ball"

The inside foot sweep is an easy technique to learn and helps the player...

  • Get the ball under control quickly
  • Shield the ball from defenders
  • Take the ball into space off the touch

The tricky part is getting the timing down when learning this skill...

How do we teach the technique?

The coach begins teaching the skill helping the player learn the correct way to ...

  • Hold the the foot- toe up slightly - ankle locked - heel down.
  • As the ball bounces the player waits for the ball to come down to its lowest point - as it hits the ground.
  • The player should keep their eye on the ball.
  • The player should have their foot prepared and the body leaning in the direction they are traveling before the ball is arrives at its lowest point.
  • The player has to time this skill as the ball is hitting the ground. The player sweeps his or her foot across the ball.
  • The key to this skill is for the knee to be slightly over the ball, leaning slightly to the side. The ball will spin across the ground slightly, but under control.
  • The touch will help the player accelerate into the space.

Once the players get the skill down they will have the confidence to take a touch and move into space. The player will look like they have been shot out of a cannon.

Trapping the ball - inside foot

The coach starts with 30 second games...

  • Each player has a ball.
  • The players will toss the ball into the air slightly.
  • As the ball is about to hit the ground the player uses the sweep to get the ball under control.

Coaching point:

If the player is having a hard time with no bounce give them a second bounce, or if they need it make the toss very small so it is easy to control. This gives the player time to learn how to hold the foot and get the timing down.

Once the players have the skill down I like to play a one minute game and see how many they can do in a minute.

They only get a point if they perform the trap well i.e. body lean, the ball skims along the ground when the trap is performed and acceleration.

Learn how to use the outside-foot-sweep to go the other way when pressure arrives.

Enjoy your coaching!

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