"What are the benefits of
playing indoor soccer?"

The indoor game

Young players love indoor soccer because it is a real change of pace from the outdoor game.

The benefits are...

  • No practices, just go and play games - coaches choice!
  • Learn to play in tighter spaces.
  • kids get lots of touches on the ball.
  • Decision making in tighter spaces.

Coaches, learn more about fun games that kids love to play.

U10 players indoor practice..

How to sign up for and indoor league?

It is a simple process, just...

  • Find parents and kids who want to play.
  • Depending on the area where you reside there may be indoor leagues available that run during the winter and summer breaks.
  • In cooler climates some indoor leagues will have longer seasons.
  • Contact your local indoor facility to find out cost, times and dates. You may even be able to register online for indoor leagues.

Coaching tip: Load up your roster with the maximum number of kids allowed. This will ensure that you have enough players for indoor games. The idea for this strategy is that there will be enough kids who can play when other kids are out of town during the holidays or summer.

Coaching tips for the indoor game.

The coach should organize...

  • The kids into a soccer shape and let them play.
  • Sub more often than outdoor - no limits.
  • The game is faster and players tire quicker.
  • Let the kids play in different positions so that they have to make lots of decisions and figure the game out.
  • Make it fun.

I recommend the game because it teaches the small sided game to the kids.

Indoor soccer rules

Indoor soccer is similar to outdoor as far as rules go except for a few exceptions...

Three line rules

  • A player cannot play a ball with their feet across all three lines.
  • A goalkeeper can throw across all 3 lines.


  • Normal soccer rules apply.
  • Players cannot run people into the boards.
  • 3 lines rule.
  • No slide tackle.
  • Obstruction.
  • Hand balls.

Blue cards

  • The players will receive a blue card for a flagrant foul.
  • A player will go to the penalty box if the team accumulates 6 fouls.
  • A player can come back if a goal is scored.
  • If a player receives 2 blue cards they get a red card.

Taking penalty kicks or free kicks

  • If a foul is committed in the box it is a penalty kick.
  • If a ball goes across 3 lines.


  • Ball goes over the goal into the net above the goal.

Drop ball

  • Multiple fouls
  • A ball out of bounds off two players.


  • Players can sub on the fly...

Formations and tactics - Somewhat complex but gives a coach a good foundation for tactics.

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