"How to turn boring drills into fun soccer drills that the kids love"

Coaches, why should you introduce fun soccer drills and soccer skills, and not drills that will bore the kids.

How do we as coaches turn those drills into fun soccer games so the kids enjoy soccer practice?

The key is getting the kids to learn and improve and focus while also having fun. An example of a fun game are relay races - the coach can 4 kids and 3 lines... 


3 kids and 4 lines so each line is not waiting to get a turn. The kids are touching the soccer ball more and improving soccer skills, competing more and having more fun.

Boring soccer drills have kids in...

  • Lines
  • Lots of Repetition
  • No fun in the games

break drills into...

  • Small competitions
  • Smaller groups
  • Lots of fun

Coach kids in small sided games so they can...

  • Learn how to make decisions.
  • Get more touches on the soccer ball.
  • Have more opportunities to score goals.
There are some examples of fun small sided games below.

Set up tag games in soccer practice.

How do we start getting the players fired up to play soccer? I like tag games, especially when kids are new to soccer.

Tag games...

  • Replicate the movements of soccer.
  • Make it a fun soccer drill.
  • Start the process of getting the players dribbling the soccer ball.
  • Great way to get the kids warmed up at practice and games.


Designates 3 players that are taggers...

  • When a player gets tagged they have to stand with their feet apart.
  • A player can be freed when another free player crawls between the players feet.
  • I like to play this game without the soccer ball so the players get used to playing the game.
  • Have the players play a few games so they get use to the game.
  • Add a soccer ball to the game and now you have added the skill factor to the game - the players now have to nutmeg the tagged player to get them free.

This is an examples of tag games that can be played with all the age groups from U6 - U12 since we are only dealing with these age groups.

Passing the soccer ball

So lets say the coach wants to run a passing practice to get the kids using the basic push pass to get passing practice to get technique down.

To set up Battleships...

  • Put down a disk cone down.
  • Walk out 5-10 yards depending on the level of the kids - put down a gate - 2 disk cones 5 yards apart.
  • Walk out 10 yards and put down 4-5 standing cones or disk cones with balls on top of the cones.

Depending on the the number of kids you have make several stations so you have small numbers at each cone - fun soccer drill.

Playing the game...

  • Players line up behind the first cone - remember to keep #'s low.
  • The first player dribbles to the gate and stops the soccer ball on the line.
  • The player passes the ball trying to knock cones over.
  • The player runs and gets the soccer ball and picks it up and carries it back to the next player in line.

Variation: Each player in line has a soccer ball and as soon as the player has made a pass the next player goes - the game keeps moving.

Check out these small sided games to enhance your soccer practices... 

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