What are the keys to making your favorite soccer practices run and flow smoothly?

Favorite soccer practices is all about sharing coaching tips, small sided games, soccer skills to promote the game of soccer for younger players and soccer coaches alike.

Have you ever run a soccer practice and nothing went right?

The kids are bored; asking to scrimmage, bugging you for water breaks. This might be a soccer practice you like, but are the kids enjoying the soccer practice? How do we relate to the kids inside the practice and make it enjoyable for them?

Ask yourself the following questions?

  • What is your coaching philosophy?
  • Are the soccer practices fun?
  • Do the soccer practices flow?
  • Are the kids learning?
  • Do the players understand the message?

How do you turn any soccer practice into a free, flowing, fun practice?

How do we make small adjustments in coaching practices?

  • Organize your soccer favorite soccer practice.
  • Pick a topic that you want to work on?
    1. Dribbling the soccer ball
    2. Passing the soccer ball
    3. Controlling the soccer ball
    4. Shooting the soccer ball

  • Pick out the coaching points specific to this topic.
  • Arrive at training early to set up a soccer practice?
  • Secure a field - Limited space? Plan to make the space work.
  • Find someone to demo if you can't - paint a picture!
  • Let the kids try the skills out in small games at the end without coaching.

The coach can use the fun warm ups, soccer skills and soccer games to guide the soccer players through the practice so they learn and have fun.

Making a soccer practice flow...

How do coaches get flow in a soccer practice?

Start with a topic i.e. dribbling

Coaching point: Don't jump to another topic in the middle of the session as this will confuse the kids and disrupt the flow. If you are focused on dribbling don't jump into passing the soccer ball.

Warm up: 15 x 20 grid

Teach the basic fundamentals as a warm up...

  • Laces
  • Outside of the foot
  • Inside of the foot
  • Sole of the foot

Fun concentration game: Keeps the kids focused and teaches them how to concentrate especially of the soccer practice is beginning to drag.

Fun game: Using dribbling moves inside the 15 x 20 yard grid

  • Tag 
  • Stuck in the mud
  • Freeze tag
  • Sharks and minnows

Small sided games: emphasis on dribbling moves.

1v1 or 2v2 games so the players are learning to make decisions after controlling the soccer ball.

This takes the players from basic dribbling skills to using the moves in a fun game and into small sided games where they can experiment with their moves.

There you have it - flow...

How do we as coaches get kids enjoying soccer practice?

Fire away! I get questions in my club ranging from how to coach from the sideline, how to add the fun into the game or how to teach a specific skill? please submit your questions below.

I do reserve the right to approve all submissions before posting to My favorite kids practice.



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