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Favorite fun games teaches coaches how to introduce the fun into soccer practice. Favorite fun games were not a part of my coaching philosophy as a young coach. Everything we did had to be serious in order to learn how to play the game of soccer. Kids want to have fun!!

Don't get me wrong, I had a few fun games like knock out and some of the dribbling games, but I needed a broader resource.

That whole philosophy backfired on me so I started introducing fun games and my teams exploded. The kids still work hard, but they don't even realize they are working in my favorite fun games.

Take some of these favorite fun games to soccer practice and watch your kids have a blast as well as learn the game of soccer.

If you as a coach can get the balance between fun and training you will see a huge difference in your coaching, and your players response to your coaching will be much more positive.

Why do Kids love to play fun soccer games at soccer practices?

  • Kids like to explore through games.
  • Kids learn through games.
  • Games bring out the creativity in the young players.

  • Watch kids playing, they move from one game to the next naturally!

Teaching in games will make your life easier and more fun.

Put the fun into the game

I like to put fun games into the practices and make sure the kids are loving it...this applies to all the age groups.

When the kids are having fun at soccer practice eventually they will learn the game and have success. Here is an example of a fun game that the kids love to play...

Group tag...

  • The coach put the players into groups of four - one player in a scrimmage vest.
  • 3 players hold hands to form a triangle - one player is designated a tagee - wearing a scrimmage vest - while two players are the protectors.
  • The free player is a tagger who tries to tag the player using a hand.
  • The protectors try to prevent the tagger from getting to the tagee.
  • Once the player gets tagged switch roles

The players are practicing soccer movements like shielding, team work and soccer agility. This is a great warm up game for soccer practice or soccer games. Tag gets the kids in the right frame of mind.

Share your favorite fun soccer game.

I love seeing kids with a smile on their faces after playing fun soccer games. What games get your soccer kids fired up and having fun?

I will post your favorite fun soccer games below so all the coaches can see your ideas and take them to soccer practice.

I do reserve the right to approve any games before they are posted below.

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