"Five 1v1 dribbling moves soccer coaches should teach
U6 - U12 soccer player"

Here are five soccer dribbling moves that help young soccer players go 1 on 1 to beat soccer defenders...

  • Cuts - Inside and Outside
  • Step over soccer move
  • Scissors - Single and double soccer move
  • Lunge move
  • V-move
  • Reverse V move

So, the question is how do we teach these soccer moves? This is a two fold answer!

  • The player must learn the soccer moves.
  • The player must learn to perform the moves under pressure.

Now you have the basic idea, so lets check out the moves..

Why is the inside foot cut move so effective?

My favorite move as a player was the inside foot cut, check it below to learn the move...

In teaching the inside foot cut move...

  • The player will approach the ball and plant the standing leg in front of the ball at an angle.
  • The plant foot should be pointed where he or she wants the ball to go.
  • This move is an attacking move so the player wants to go at an angle and end up behind the defender.
  • The player then swings the hips around and chops down on the ball, with knees bent and explodes into space.

The kids will be able to change direction very quickly with this cut.

Why is the outside foot cut so effective?

Teaching the outside foot cut...

  • The same move as the inside foot except the player is using the outside of the foot and making the ball go in the opposite direction.
  • The toe still needs to be up slightly and the ankle needs to be locked.
  • Reach for the soccer ball with the kicking foot and chop down on the side of the ball with the outside of the foot.
  • The ball should not get caught in the players feet but travel a bit, so when the player explodes the ball is there.

This is a great move for getting away from players and shielding the soccer ball...

Teach the step over!

Very simple and effective when players get the move down. This dribbling move can be used to beat players or get away from defenders.

  • The player steps over the ball with the kicking foot or dominant foot from right to left or left to right.
  • The player comes back with the kicking foot to touch the ball with the outside of the foot.
  • The step over move is very easy to recognize because the feet cross when the player steps over the ball, unlike scissors where the feet are apart.

Great move for tight spaces and pressure when the defender is behind the attacker.

Why is the single scissors move so effective?

When teaching the kids the single scissors soccer move...

  • The player steps with the kicking leg from left to right around the ball.
  • The kicking foot should land on the outside of the soccer ball.
  • The player then takes the standing foot and pushes the soccer ball in the opposite direction.

This is a great soccer dribbling move to get defenders off balance and explode past them into space.

Why is the v-move is such an effective soccer move?

The v-move is great dribbling move when a player is in tight space or pinned to the sideline.

  • The player puts the right or left foot - sole - on the ball and pulls the ball back towards his or her body, opening up the hips.
  • The players then pivots on the standing leg and pushes the ball with the inside of the foot into space.
  • The move forms a big "V" when the player pulls the ball and changes direction.

The v-move is probably better when you are in tight spaces or a defender has closed the space down and is going to get the ball.

The reverse V is simple - the player pulls the soccer ball across their body with the sole of the right foot and touches the ball with the outside of the left foot. The player is using two feet instead of one foot like the v-move. Both moves are great for tight spaces.

Teach the lunge move to go at defenders...

When teaching the lunge move...

  • The player is dribbling the ball and lunges onto the left foot on the left side of the ball to get the defender off balance.
  • The player then touches the ball into space with the outside of the right foot into space.
  • Obviously, the coach can teach the move going the other way...lunge right and touch left.
  • This move is very effective and simple and generally lines the player up for a shot after the move is completed.

A great move for going straight at defenders and getting good shots off. Get more information on the lunge move and the stop and go.

How do we turn technique into skill?

There are many games that can be used to coach kids to use 1 on 1 moves - turn technique into skill. Here are some sample games that the kids seem to enjoy.

Game: 1 on 1 soccer to the cone.

  • The coach has the players pair up with two soccer balls per group.
  • He or or she then hands the players a disk cone.
  • The players stick a ball on top of the cone - you can also use standing cones instead of flat cones.
  • The two players then play 1 on 1 to the cone, with the objective being to knock the ball off of the cone.
  • The player that has the ball attacks, the player who does not have the ball defends. Generally, these games should last for one minute.


If the defender starts to guard the cone, which they will, then the coach can add a rule to make the defender go out and meet the attacking player where ever he or she has the soccer ball.

Why teach kids in fun 1 on 1 soccer games?

The coach puts the players into groups of four...

  • Two kids in the group will stand 15 yards apart facing each other with their legs apart - these players are the goals.
  • The other two players will play 1 on 1 between the two stationary players, each defending a goal and attacking the other goal.
  • The coach should have the kids play for one minute, then switch places.
  • If you are coaching younger kids shorten the distance.
  • The two players that win their games play each other so you have a winner.

Coaching Tip:

The coach might even have a prize for the best one versus one player - Ball, DVD, Soccer trinket, etc...The coach can give bonus points for players who try new moves or beat players with good moves. Click here to learn about the Coerver program! The program takes a building blocks approach to teaching soccer dribbling moves for youth soccer players.

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